A History Of Mystery CRIMES

Crime Library:

March 2017
Ted Bundy – America’s Most Brutal Serial Killer

February 2017
The Brutal Keddie Murders
The Villisca Ax Murder House – Now With Overnight Accommodation!

December 2016
TOR, Onion Browsers, The Deep Net & The Dark Net

October 2016
Giulia Tofana: Medieval Serial Killer
Blackbeard – The Legend Of The Notorious Pirate
The Alcatraz Escape – The Only Escape In The Penitentiary’s History
The Chessboard Killer Alexander Pichushkin

September 2016
The Zodiac Killer

July 2016
Josef Fritzel – The Austrian Monster
The True Story and Inspiration Behind Wolf Creek (The Australian Backpack Killer)

June 2016
Ed Gein – The Real Life Texas Chainsaw Massacre (The Inspiration Behind TCM, Psycho, and The Silence of the Lambs)
The Chicago Tylenol Murders
The Highway of Tears

May 2016
D.B. Cooper $200,000 Plane Hi-Jacking
Jack the Ripper