The Brutal Keddie Murders

The Brutal Keddie Murders

The Brutal Keddie Murders

The small town of Keddie, California may only have a population of less than 100 people, but it is the place of one of the most brutal killings from the 1980’s. The former railroad town was a quiet place where the local didn’t need to lock their cabin doors and everyone looked after each other, but in 1981, that all changed.

During the evening of April 11th, 1981, Keddie was terrorized by a still unknown murderer, or murderers, who entered cabin 28 and took the lives of Glenna Sue Sharp [mother of {5} Greg, Ricky, John, Tina, Sheila] (age 36), her son John (age 15), and his friend Dana Wingate (age 17). The fourth victim was Sharp’s daughter, Tina (age 12).

The morning after the murders, Sheila Sharp (another of Sue’s daughters) returned to cabin 28 after a sleepover next door to discover the three bodies of her mother (Sue), John, and Dana, tied up in the living room. However, Tina was not at the cabin. Investigators arrived and discovered a brutal and bloody scene.

The murder weapon was a steak knife, which Sheila noticed was next to the bodies in the living room. The knife had been bent during the murders which made it clear just how vicious the murders were that night. There were even stab marks in the walls of the cabin and the place was completely covered in blood. Autopsy results showed that all three victims were tied up with electrical cord, with Sue’s being the tightest. Sue and Johnny (John) were bludgeoned with at least two hammers of different size and stabbed repeatedly, while Dana was not attacked with the hammer, but instead strangled to death as well as being stabbed multiple times.

With blood on Tina’s bed sheet and a bloody fingerprint on a white painted post outside the cabin, it was clear she has been kidnapped. The case had over 4,000 man hours dedicated to it, but it wasn’t until four years later that investigators discovered a trace of Tina.

The Brutal Keddie MurdersIn 1985, Tina’s skull, jawbone, and other bones were found in Feather Falls, Butte Country, California, 65.2 miles from where the original crime took place after an anonymous tip to law enforcement. Her cause of death remains unknown. In 2004, cabin 28 was demolished and as of 2017, no arrests have been made and the recording of the anonymous call seems to have been lost, prompting some theorists to suspect a police cover up.

Justin (a family friend), Greg (age 5), and Ricky (age 10), who were next door, claimed to have slept through the whole ordeal. It is thought that the savage attack must have been personal, but the killer(s) remain at large and the case remains an unsolved mystery that still haunts the small town of Keddie.

The case inspired the 2008 movie The Strangers, just in case you wanted to see a loose cinematic recreation of the vent from the Keddie murders in 1981.

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