30 East Drive – Europe’s Most Violent Poltergeist

30 East Drive – Europe’s Most Violent Poltergeist

30 East Street - The Most Violent Poltergeist In Europe

30 East Street - The Most Violent Poltergeist In EuropeThe Pritchard family, Jean, Joe, Phillip (15) and Diane (12), moved into their home at 30 East Drive, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, UK back in 1966, but it wasn’t the happy home purchase they had hoped for.

Almost immediately after moving in, mysterious events started to happen and were quickly considered paranormal. The first report was of a white chalk-like dust falling, but not from the ceiling, it was falling from just below head height, literally appearing from thin air and falling to the ground. While Mrs. Kelly, Phillip’s auntie, who had been asked to observe the falling chalk while the Jean and Joe were on vacation, went to get some cleaning products from the kitchen, she slipped on a small pool of water which mysteriously appeared. After cleaning up the small pool of water, more started to appear on the lino in front of her and Phillips’ eyes.

The paranormal events at 30 East Drive became more mysterious. Some of the things that happened included; a green foam appearing from the toilet and faucets (taps), even after the water had been turned off, the tea dispenser being activated, and the ever-popular ghostly demonstration of the lights being turned on and off. The entity seemed to even have a sense of humor; they were reported to once removed a jug of milk from the fridge and pour it over the head of a skeptical family member, which left the children laughing hysterically.

30 East Street - The Most Violent Poltergeist In EuropeOther reported events include upside-down crosses manifesting on the walls, and floating women’s fur gloves which were said to be conduction Christian songs aimed at shooing the spirit off.

But, it didn’t take long for the entity to start effecting heavier objects and showing “proof” that it had malicious intent. From plants jumping out of their pots and landing on the stairs, cupboards violently shaking and even wall pictures being slashed with a knife. These events were joined with an endless list of levitating and thrown objects, including a solid Oak board. The things about all these reports is that they were not human-interaction, but that didn’t last long.

The family tried to exercise the demonic presence by calling in a priest from the local Catholic church, but each attempted exorcism was met with huge resistance and the start of human-interactive events, from faces being slapped to people, including the priest, being pushed down the stairs, both by an unseen force. None of the exorcisms prevailed, in fact, each seemed to anger the entity even more. The entity’s power peaked when Diane’s hair suddenly stood on end, followed by her being dragged kicking and screaming up the stairs. After examining Diane after the ordeal, she had noticeable finger masks around her throat. An event that left her traumatized. She was said to be the main focus of the poltergeist’s attention.

30 East Street - The Most Violent Poltergeist In EuropeThe parents reported waking up to the entity standing in their room and was described as a figure wearing a black monk-style robe, a figure which paranormal investigators witnessed as well. Further happenings with the poltergeist included a family member being locked in the coal room (storage closet) and even a wooden bed being smashed so badly while the Pritchards were out, they returned to see the damage and called the police to report a break in, upon searching, officers concluded no one has broken into the property.

In 1968, the poltergeist was given the name “Mr. Nobody” by the local press. However the family simply referred to them as Fred, probably in hopes of giving it some normality so it was easier to accept having around. The Pritchards fought the poltergeist for years and spent their last years at the residence doing just that. The poltergeist at 30 East Drive, as well as the house itself, has also been referred to as The Black Monk Poltergeist, namely because of its reported appearance, The East Drive Poltergeist, The Black Monk House, The Pontefract Poltergeist, and The Black Monk of Pontefract.

30 East Street - The Most Violent Poltergeist In EuropeThe hauntings were irregular over the years the Pritchards lived on East Street, and just as quickly they occurred, they stopped, completely. Since the Pritchards moved out, it is said that they would never return, despite still having owned the property. 30 East Drive has since changed hands and it’s attracted numerous paranormal enthusiasts and investigators, including Most Haunted and Paranormal-X, who managed to capture some great footage which they posted on their Youtube channel using the latest in ghost hunting technology and improvising with Microsoft Kinect software to visibly see ghosts, as well as catching a spirit clearly saying one of the investigator’s full names with a ghost box. With long hours and overnight investigations, experts claim the house is definitely haunted, but none can confirm there is still a poltergeist presence there anymore.

The home has since changed hands and now belongs to a new owner who has made a low budget movie based on the story. The house is available to the public for visits and even overnight stays which can be booked on their site.

If you’d like to know more about current day investigations, experiences and eye-witness accounts at 30 East Drive, you can read the 2015 book from Andy Evans who spent over 50 nights in the house after the events of the black monk poltergeist; Don’t Look Back in Anger Paperback by Andy Evans.

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