The Haunted Queen Mary

The Haunted Queen Mary

The Haunted Queen Mary

The Haunted Queen MaryThe Haunted Queen Mary

Named after Queen Mary of Britain, the Queen Mary is considered by many as one of the most haunted ships in the world.

Completed in the 1930’s as a luxury vessel, its first voyage was from Southampton, England on May 27th, 1936. It operated as such until the second world war when it became a transportation vessel for troops and prisoners of war. During which time, it housed many sick people in its isolation ward, that was also used as a make shift prison.

The Queen Mary was faster than enemy U-boats, which earned it the named The Grey Ghost, but precautions were still taken when in transit. On October 2nd, 1942, the Queen Mary set off from New York to Glasgow, escorted by the HMS Curacoa, which zigzagged in front to confused potential bomber planes. However, the Queen Mary, which was twenty times the size of the Curacoa, caught up and unexpectedly collided, splitting the Curacoa in half. Some members of the Curacoa were killed instantly, while others were launched into the freezing cold ocean. Many were sucked in by the current and then thrown into the propellers of the Queen Mary, instantly chopping their bodies up. Due to war protocol, captain Cyril Illingworth did not stop to rescue the surviving crew. They reported the incident to nearby British destroyer ships, but by the time they arrived, most of them had died of hypothermia. Out of the Curacoa’s 420 crew members, only 99 survived.

The Haunted Queen MaryIt is said that you can still hear screams of the Curacoa crew members in the boiler room and the bow of the Queen Mary where the initial impact took place. The Queen Mary carried 800,000 service men during the war, and in 1947, it returned to its Queen Mary status as a luxury ship, but the deaths and tragedies up to that time are not the only place the paranormal stories spawned from…

Other notable stories that add some relevance to the ghosts of the Queen Mary are:

Sir Edgar Britten, the first captain of the Queen Mary, died of a stroke in his cabin

Senior second officer, William Stark, unknowingly drank laundry detergent which was store in a Gin bottle. By doing this, he poisoned himself to death while on the ship.

Though this is not a cause for ghosts, it’s worth mentioning that the Queen Mary was sold to the city of Long Beach in California, USA, where it is now permanently docked as the Queen Mary Hotel.

A crew member was crushed by door 13, an automatically closing door, in the lower part of the ship. His ghost is sometimes seen around that area wearing white coveralls.

Unknown dates
Two women were said to have drowned in the first class swimming pool. Both their apparitions have been seen in the pool vicinity. One said to be seen wearing 1930’s clothing, the other with 1960’s clothing.

A young boy also died near the pool after falling overboard. His spirit is said to haunt the nearby passageways.

A young girl named Jackie is also said to haunt the pool area.

The final account we’re sharing is that of a chef who was reportedly shoved into an over sized oven by Australian soldiers while he was still alive. He was kept in there until he burned to death. Though the date of this is not given, we assume this was during the second world war.

That’s just some of the stories that are said to be responsible for the hauntings on the decks of the Queen Mary ghost ship.

The Haunted Queen MaryThe most haunted cabin is that of B340. Workers will not go into the cabin alone as there have been reports of voices, lights being turned on on their own, just to name a few. There were so many reports that the cabin was shut down and no one has been allowed to stay in there for some 25 years.

You can now stay at the Queen Mary. As mentioned above, it is permanently docked in Long Beach, California, and the ship hotel is open all year round for guests to enjoy its old fashioned luxury as well as the hair-raising history. There is still a plaque in the isolation ward with a list of “PASSENGERS WHO DIED ON BOARD”. The plague consists of many names, their cause of death, the date they died, the voyage they were on, and their nationality.

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