The Beale Cipher

The Beale Cipher

The Beale Cipher

The Beale Cipher The Beale Cipher

According to legend, in 1819 and 1821, Thomas Jefferson Beale buried two wagons full of treasure somewhere in Bedford county, Virginia, USA.  He then left a small box with a local inn keeper named Robert Morris, before leaving town, never to be seen again.  The contents of the box stills puzzles experts today…

The wagons are said to contain thousands of pounds of gold and silver bullion and jewels.  The treasure was originally obtained by Thomas Jefferson Beale while prospecting in Colorado in 1818, just one year before he allegedly buried the hoard.  According to watch has been decoded from the Beale Cipher, the loot many have searched for is said to be worth in the region of $100 million today.  Although, there seems to be no information on who the riches originally belonged to or where htey came from before Beale discovered them, so that value may be far more than what the cipher claims.

The Beale CipherMorris passed on the box containing the cipher to a friend before he died, that friend spent two decades of his life trying to decode the message in hopes of finding the riches the Beale Cipher would lead him to.  He managed to decipher one line of text and discovered the location of the Beale’s fortune was located somewhere in Bedford County, VA.

Over the years, many have been arrested in groups and alone, for trespassing and digging in the area.  There was even one report of a woman that apparently dug up almost an entire cemetery at Mountain View Church in 1983 because she suspected Thomas Beale had hidden his riches there.

Another gentleman believes the treasure is hidden in a mansion in Philadelphia, but after being denied access to search the property, his theory may never be answered.  If you would like a copy of the code for yourself, we’ve added it here.

Some people say they’ve cracked the code, but can’t access the area they believe it to be in, some say they’ve decoded a small part of the Beale Cipher, some have attempted to search for it to no avail.  Others claim it is simply an elaborate hoax and there is no buried treasure linked to Thomas Jefferson Beale.  Do you think there is $100 million of treasure hidden somewhere?  Let us know in the comments below…

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The Beale Cipher

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