The Lost City Of Atlantis REVISITED 2017

The Lost City Of Atlantis (Revisited) 2017

The Lost City Of Atlantis REVISITED 2017

The Lost City Of Atlantis (Revisited) 2017The Lost City Of Atlantis (Revisited) 2017

The Lost City of Atlantis is far from the biggest mystery of all time, mainly because it’s only known existence comes from Plato’s writings. The vanishing island of Hy’Brasil is far more mysterious, but that doesn’t stop people dedicating countless hours into trying to find out whether the mythical city ever existed, and if it did, where it is located. We want to share some recent discoveries as well as theories on the lost city.

Atlantis may not be the world’s biggest mystery, but it is certainly one of them. It has grown from a single writing into one of today’s most talked about legends for archaeologists and treasure hunters alike.

Atlantis was described by Plato as a city founded by Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea and earthquakes. He described the mythical city very accurately in this writings, even down to the measurements, but the city still remains without a trace, if it ever existed in the first place. Plato’s writings are said to be the only genuine “proof” of Atlantis’ existence, however, the writings on suggest otherwise.

Most people consider Greek gods as mythological figures, but the ancient Greeks consider them real. However, if the theory of god, or gods, being from an advanced civilization or an ancient astronaut species is indeed correct, as depicted in Jay Wheeler’s 2050: Being Human in the Future, then maybe Poseidon, and the other mythical gods were real. This would mean Atlantis was built by an extremely advanced civilization that visited earth thousands of years ago.

Plato said that Atlantis was destroyed by earthquakes and floods. If it was indeed built by an advanced civilization, it may not have been a stationary island, but more of a beautifully engineered spaceship in the form of a seemingly stationary alien structure, far beyond what we can even conceive possible today. If Atlantis went up, instead of down, the take off could sure have caused a tsunami, and even an earthquake, and Plato’s understanding was that the city was washed away, but in fact it may have left our world altogether, masked by the huge waves it would have made during launch. Of course, this is pure theory as there is no way to prove it true or false. It is definitely an interesting one though.

The Lost City Of Atlantis (Revisited) 2017Another credible theory is that Atlantis has already been found in the city of Silves, Portugal. The area is prone to flooding and a historic flooding event coincides with the date of Plato’s writings when Atlantis was said to have been destroyed. Further more, a large stone egg, approximately 6 feet in length, was found in Silves. It has marking of what we know now to be DNA (see picture to the side). The double Helix DNA model, which is clearly embossed on the stone, was only discovered by humans in 1953, but this huge stone egg was carved over 7,000 years ago, suggesting that a civilization with knowledge of DNA created it. The final observation is that the stone egg is embossed, not engraved, meaning whoever made it would have used tools not available at that time in history.

With all these pieces of the puzzle pointing towards an advanced civilization building Atlantis, and the fact it has been reported in different locations, it seems like a fair theory that Atlantis was in fact an alien structure that could have taken off. Though, the hunt for Atlantis is definitely a fun one there is more evidence to suggest it is somewhere on earth, it’s just a matter of finding its true location and unraveling the mystery of the lost city.

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