The Lost Dutchman Mine

The Lost Dutchman Mine

A History Of Mystery Secrets The Lost Dutchman Mine Arizona Superstition Mountain

The Lost Dutchman Mine

The Lost Dutchman Mine is said to contain the untold wealth of a lost civilization.  The gold-filled mine is located somewhere in Arizona, and despite many attempts to locate the riches, no one has been successful.  Many have died or never been seen again after setting out on their adventure.A History Of Mystery Secrets The Lost Dutchman Mine Arizona Superstition Mountain

Spanish conquistadors searched for the kingdom of Cibola in the 16th century, they believe there were seven cities made from pure gold, and even resulted to torturing the natives to pry information from them on the location of the gold.  It is said the mountains hide a secret cave full of gold which is protected by a curse.  Further more, it is said there are two entrances to the wealth, each is guarded by a rattlesnake.

 Gallery Link URL [?] Gallery Link Target [?] Gallery Link OnClick Effect [?] Gallery Link Additional CSS Classes [?]In 1860, a miner by the name of “The Dutchman” staggered out of the mountains with small sack of gold nuggets after apparently being tortured by Indians, and seeing his partner murdered, hence this mysterious location earning the name “The Lost Dutchman Mine”.  He had traveled for days on his own whilst enduring the blistered heat of the Arizona sun.  But what gave him the strength to continue his journey and survive?  The answer is gold!  And lots of it.  .  It is said that The Dutchman’s gold nuggets, which he had in his possession, were taken from the walls of the cave.  Unfortunately, he did not disclose the location of the mine he claims to have found, and he never had the strength to return for the gold.  His secret went with him to the grave.

In 1931, a retired Washington bureaucrat, Adolf Ruth, set off to find the mine.  He claimed his maps would pin point the location of The Lost Dutchman Mine, but he disappeared, and his death preserves the legend to this day.  Six months after Ruth set off for his search for the gold, archaeologists found his skull.  The news of his mysterious death didn’t discourage other from trying.  Hundreds of people flocked to the superstition mountains, looking for the famous Lost Dutchman Mine.  To this day, many still explore the possibility of a gold-filled cave.

A History Of Mystery Secrets The Lost Dutchman Mine Arizona Superstition MountainThe myth of The Lost Dutchman Mine has claimed hundreds of lives.  Some explorers die a violent, and mysterious, death.  Others die simply from too much sun, and dehydration.  Sight-seeing tourists usually seek out an experienced guide for survival, but treasure hunters only want help to reach a specific point.  For many of them, their guide is the last person they ever see.  Prospectors and treasure hunters also face another risk… dynamite!  More lost limbs and injury can be attributed to dynamite, than any other risk the prospectors and treasure hunters face.  They use dynamite to blast out rock samples, as gold deposits seldom lay on the surface.

The Lost Dutchman Mine may never be found, but, if it does exist, could contain enough gold to make you an overnight celebrity, as well as rich beyond your wildest dreams.  Maybe that’s where Forrest Fenn got his inspiration to hide millions of dollars worth of gold and treasure, to re-ignite people’s re-kindling interest in treasure hunting.  Fenn’s richest are still out there, he is still alive, and he has provided many clues to the location. More information here.

A History Of Mystery Secrets The Lost Dutchman Mine Arizona Superstition Mountain

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