The Oak Island Money Pit

The Oak Island Money Pit

Oak Island Money Pit

oak island nova scotiaThe Oak Island Money Pit

Oak Island is a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada which is said to be loaded with some kind of riches, being given the name the Oak Island Money Pit.  The island is less than 150 acres across and generally isn’t known to the masses, but the story attached to the island is something which has brought attention to the small land.

In 1795, a teenager named Daniel McGinnis found a depression in the ground, below a large oak tree.  Later, the teenage boy returned to the area with two of his friends and began to dig hoping to find some kind of reward.  After 2 feet they came across flagstone which covered a shaft filled with dirt.  As they continued to dig, they found more levels (platforms) beneath the ground.  The teenage team, after digging 30 feet deep, abandoned the pit, but they never forgot about their childhood treasure hunt.

Deciding the information they had acquired from their digging suggested the pit was man-made, Daniel and his team returned many years later with proper funding and a crew of professionals in an attempt to finally uncover what laid beneath the ground and to see if the Oak Island Money Pit really had anything worth his time.  Every 10 feet they found foreign materials from Coir to clay.  After digging 90-100 feet deep, the team allegedly found their first piece of evidence that the Oak Island Money Pit has more to offer than dirt, wood, and clay.

Oak Island Money PitThey uncovered a stone slab with markings on it in an unknown language.  The language on the stone slab was deciphered and was said to translate to “forty feet below lie two million pounds.”  Even more promising was the alleged discovery of a few pieces of gold. They also found a cavern which was deemed “booby trapped” and led to more confidence in something valuable being in the money pit.  The following day after uncovering the slab, the shaft they’d dug flooded with approximately 60 feet of water, which made continuing the dig a huge challenge.  The team attempted to dig a parallel well to continue the search, but shortly after starting, that well also flooded.

The Oak Island Money Pit has been one of the biggest mysteries of the last two centuries.  Many treasure hunters have fled to the island in the hopes of uncovering what lies beneath the ground.  So, what does lie beneath the ground?  There have been many theories as to what the Oak Island Money Pit contains, which include:

Oak island Money PitBut without evidence, these theories just add to the pile of mysterious finds and guess work of people hoping to one day uncover the real truth of the pit.

Since Daniel and his team left the hunt, many more enthusiasts have dug pits across the island, uncovering more stone slabs and even human remains.  Some have even lost their lives in attempts to excavate the island.  However, a hoard of gold or treasure has not been found in or around the Oak Island Money Pit.

Most people disagree with the theories of what is actually in the pit, but the professionals all believe the pit was man-made due to the materials found in the original pit and the underground caverns and channels.  Whether the pit is a natural sinkhole, a booby-trapped cavern / pit filled with historic treasure, or whether it is just one of the worlds greatest hoaxes, still remains a mystery.  In 2010, a final treasure hunt was initiated, but nothing was found and the government passed the Oak Island Act, banning all commercial treasure hunting on the island.   However, in 2011 a new Oak Island Treasure Act invited the hunt to continue, with permission granted from the Minister of Natural Resources.

Maybe one day soon with more advanced technology, we will uncover what the creators of the Oak Island Money Pit didn’t want anyone to find.