The Vanishing Island Of Hy’Brasil

The Vanishing Island Of Hy’Brasil

The Vanishing Island Of Hy'Brasil
If you think Atlantis is difficult to wrap your head around, just wait until you hear about this place!

Derived from the word “Breasal”, which means “High King of the World” in tales of Folklore, Brasil, or Hy’Brasil as it’s better known, is an island that has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, maybe more so than The Lost City of Atlantis.

Hy’Brasil is said to exist 200 miles (320km) west of Ireland, in the Atlantic ocean. The island can be found on many old maps, dating from 1325 – the late 1800’s, but present day maps and technology, like Google Earth, display nothing but ocean.

The island can been seen on many maps, including a map from 1325 (the earlier report of the island), the Ortelius Map of Europe, and the Nautical chart of Western Europe from 1473, as seen in the image to the right.

Saint Barrind and Saint Brendan found the island on their respective voyages. They both had identical descriptions of the island as well as the location of where they had seen it. Later, the island was given the name ”Promised Land”. It was also reported in the same location with a matching description by many other people who had come across the island. Subsequent voyages set off in the 1480’s, but all failed to locate the island. Although, it is believed that the island was spotted by John Cabot, on his voyage in 1497, which was the last reported sighting for nearly two centuries.

The Vanishing Island Of Hy'BrasilIn 1674, Captain John Nisbet, an Irish explorer, who was familiar with the waters, found the island after sailing through a thick fog/mist and discovering his ship was dangerously close to rocks. After anchoring the boat, three of the crew on board took to a row boat to explore the island. A day later, they returned with gold and silver that an old man on the island had given them. He was said to have been the only resident on the island, who lived alone in a large stone castle, and was described as a mysterious magician. The island’s only other inhabitants were said to be large black rabbits.

Another story reports quite the opposite. It is said that Hy’Brasil was the home of a very wealthy and very advanced civilization. Those who visited the mysterious island returned with tales of it having gold-roofed towers and domes, healthy cattle, and opulent citizens.

After 1865, Hy’Brasil appeared on fewer maps since its location could not be verified.

Thomas Johnson Westropp, better known as T. J Westropp, claimed to have seen the island on previous trips and decided to return with his mother and friends to verify his claim. During their trip, they reported seeing fog, which cleared, and revealed the island before it vanished before their eyes. After Westropp and his family’s report, it seems that Hy’Brasil fell into a category of Irish mythology and the island would just be a legend for future generations to wonder over.

The Vanishing Island Of Hy'BrasilIn 1980, everything changed, and the legend of the legend of the phantom island was aggressively reignited.

Following the events of The Rendlesham Forest UFO, Jim Penniston, who actually touched the unidentified object, seemed to have a binary code burned onto his mind.

He could not shake the thought and wrote the code straight from his mind, which was 16 pages worth of code. The deciphered code was mind-blowing.

Upon converting the binary code to text, it was actually coordinates for Hy’Brasil’s original reported location, the Great Pyramid in Giza, and Sedona, Arizona (where a strange energy and unexplained vibrations have been reported), among others. Here is the original deciphered code:

The Vanishing Island Of Hy'Brasil

The Vanishing Island Of Hy'BrasilDid Hy’Brasil really exist? Is it connected to an advanced alien civilization? Or is this just a freaky coincidence and a centuries long orchestrated hoax? We have no doubt in our minds that this is for real. Not everything can be explained, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. What do you think about the Hy’Brasil Island and the Rendlesham Forest case? Do you believe either? Let us know in the comments below.

Hy’Brasil also called Hy-Breasal, Hy-Brazil, Hy-Breasil, Brazir.

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