Vanishing Island

Vanishing Island

Vanishing Island – Hy’Brasil – The Promise Land

Vanishing IslandBack in the 14th century, explorers mapped an island, known as Hy’Brasil or The Promise Land. It sat off the coast of Ireland and even though many explorers visited the island, it can not be found today, earning it the name The Vanishing Island. We think it is the number one vanishing island mystery in history.

Many of you may be thinking, ‘well, what about Atlantis?’

The Lost City of Atlantis is definitely a confusing one, but there is only evidence of it being seen by a single person, Plato. The vanishing island of Hy’Brasil however, was actually visited by hundreds of people. Is Atlantis real? Who knows, but there’s not enough evidence to call it the number one vanishing island when the writings of its existence only came from one man. That is why we rank Hy’Brasil the number one vanishing island mystery of all time.

The New England Vampire (2018) Paperback Book by Jay WheelerIn brief:
Hy’Brasil, The Promise Land, The Vanishing Island, or whatever you want to call it, was depicted on maps from the 14th century, after it was discovered, right up until the 19th century. After then, it appeared on fewer and fewer maps because, despite multiple voyages and effects to find it, no one was able to locate Hy’Brasil. Someone did get close though.┬áT. J Westropp heard about the difficulties of people locating the island, but he had seen it on previous voyages, so he took his family to get and visit it.

They sailed into some thick fog and when it cleared, it revealed the island. It was reported that moment after laying eyes on the island, it vanished before their eyes, leaving a calm ocean, but no island.

In the present day, Hy’Brasil doesn’t appear on any maps and internet researchers have used every tool at their disposal, like Google Earth, to try and locate the island, but none have succeeded.

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