Did An Alien Really Crash At Roswell?

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ROSWELL-CRASH Did An Alien Really Crash At Roswell?

Did An Alien Really Crash At Roswell Or Was It Something Else?

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We at AHistoryOfMystery.com are totally in favor of extra-terrestrial life and the existence of an advanced alien civilization. A civilization we believe have been to visit, maybe indirectly, but have at least been in the vicinity of earth to either observe or keep an eye on us. One of the most well-known alien events that have occurred on earth is that from 1947 in Roswell, NM where an alien space ship was said to have crash landed in the desert.

The U.S Government released a statement claiming it was merely a weather balloon, but conspiracists and enthusiasts theorize it was in fact a flying saucer from an alien world.

Let’s first assume an alien civilization exists, they would have to be far more advanced than us, with the ability to send their beings further than our technology can even see and reach. They may even be able to travel at light speed or utilized the space-time bridges, commonly known as wormholes.

If indeed an alien space ship crashed in Roswell, it would have to be an extremely advanced civilization which traveled millions and millions of miles to get to us, overcoming many of the dangers of the universe, entering our solar system, navigating all the way to our planet, only to crash and die? Such an intelligent species with so much more power than us would not likely make such an error in judgement. This makes us think the Roswell event was not an alien space ship from another world because it just doesn’t seem realistic that they would fail at such an easy task in comparison to travelling, potentially, light years.

51NIWhqqnbL-199x300 Did An Alien Really Crash At Roswell?So, if you agree that an advanced civilization would not make such a simple mistake after traveling millions of miles, what could it have been?

Well, there is always the possibility that the U.S Government did indeed honestly release a statement and it was indeed a weather balloon, but that’s a pretty boring theory and for many, it doesn’t offer closure. So what else could it have been?

There are many different theories, some of which are rather credible, but we believe it was secret technology the government were working on which crashed during a test flight. In a, now rather difficult to acquire, found footage movie called Area 51, we see a group of people break into the secret military base and uncover a flying saucer and anti-gravity. Although many believe the government have a flying saucer, isn’t it possible that it belongs to us and not an alien race? Maybe the government covered up their technology with the weather balloon statement to keep the truth shrouded in secrecy as best they could? The same government who removed many secret files from Nikola Tesla‘s hotel room shortly after he passed away. Nikola Tesla was said to have a connection with advanced civilizations. Maybe he designed technology that never got tested, but the U.S Government tested it some years later with no success?

Let us know what you think in the comments below…

UFO-USO-SLIDER Did An Alien Really Crash At Roswell?