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Crime Library:

May 2018
Unsolved Vampire Murder Case (The Atlas Vampire Murder)

March 2017
Ted Bundy – America’s Most Brutal Serial Killer

February 2017
Unsolved Keddie Murders, Calfornia, USA
Villisca Ax Murder House – Now With Overnight Accommodation!

December 2016
Dark Net, TOR and Onion Browsers (Deep Net, Deep Web, Dark Web)

October 2016
Giulia Tofana: The Medieval Serial Killer
Blackbeard – The Legend Of The Notorious Pirate
Alcatraz Prison Escape – The Only Escape In The Penitentiary’s History
Russian Chessboard Killer: Alexander Pichushkin (Serial Killer)

September 2016
The Zodiac Killer (Full Case)

July 2016
Josef Fritzel – The Austrian Monster
The True Story and Inspiration Behind Wolf Creek (The Australian Backpack Killer)

June 2016
Ed Gein – The Real Life Texas Chainsaw Massacre (The Inspiration Behind TCM, Psycho, and The Silence of the Lambs)
Chicago Tylenol Murders (Unsolved Mystery)
Canada’s Highway of Tears (Highway 16 Murders)

May 2016
D.B. Cooper Plane Hi-Jacking (The Only Unsolved Case in American Aviation History)
Jack the Ripper: The White Chapel Murders (Victorian London)