The Australian Backpack Killer

The Australian Backpack Killer

WOLF-CREEK-KILLER The Australian Backpack Killer

The Australian Backpack Killer Who Inspired Wolf Creek

MTIwNjA4NjM0MDk2NzQ4MDQ0 The Australian Backpack KillerThe blockbuster movie, Wolf Creek, which The Guardian claimed to be the “Scariest movie of the year” was inspired by the Australian Backpack killer in the Australian Outback, where the movie takes place. Bradley John Murdoch was a part of the inspiration but the main person who inspired Wolf Creek was Ivan Milat, also known as “The Backpacker Killer”.

Milat was a brutal serial killer who prayed upon backpackers in New South Wales, Australia, and left their bodies in Belanglo State Forest, 15 kilometres south west of the town of Berrima. His reign of terror was in the early 90’s, during which time he murdered seven people in the most brutal manner. The Australian backpack killer’s crimes were very similar to that of the Wolf Creek killer, played by John Jarratt.  He not only killed his victims but he continued to abuse their corpse after they were dead.

article-2633599-1E0E0D2B00000578-958_634x364-300x172 The Australian Backpack KillerHe was known to stab his victims multiple times, sometimes even after shooting them. After police examined the corpses, clothing and other clues, they discovered Milat stabbed one victim 14 times and shot one of his victims 10 times in the head. Investigators stated it was as if he was using backpackers as target practice.

The inspiration for the Wolf Creek killer is almost parallel to the Australian Backpacker Killer. In the movie, Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) uses a rifle, similar to that of Milat’s, and also stabs his victims in the spine, causing paralysis, which was what investigators said Milat did to his victims. Milat was charged with seven murders but police believe he has killed more, unfortunately there is no evidence to support that theory and Milat has never confessed to any of the murders so his motives remain a mystery, as does the answer to whether or not he was working alone.  For more information on Ivan Milat, visit Wiki.

3031_wolfcreek2-john-jarratt-640-300x169 The Australian Backpack KillerAlthough the movie is based on a terribly disturbing story and has quite a lot of blood and gore, it’s actually very popular. The movie has a loyal following now and horror fans have been more than welcoming towards the sequel and the television series. It was said that a third movie was in production, but that turned out to be a rumor, however, the second series of Wolf Creek is available to purchase here. Fans will be able to see the Wolf Creek Killer return once again to prey on unsuspecting backpackers. The first Wolf Creek movie is a limited release on Blu-ray, as are the TV shows and were not released in the USA so you’ll need to be able to play Region 2/B discs, or purchase the DVD release. You can purchase all the movies, shows and versions at the links below.

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