Unsolved Vampire Murder Case

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Vampire-Murder Unsolved Vampire Murder Case

Unsolved Vampire Murder Case (The Atlas Vampire Murder)

The-New-England-Vampire-BUY-LINK-172x300 Unsolved Vampire Murder CaseThis unsolved murder case, dating all the way back to 1932, was given the name The Atlas Vampire Murder Case. It was named after the neighborhood it took place in, in Stockholm, Sweden.

The murder of 32 year old Lilly Lindström, still captures the imagination of vampire enthusiasts today, and with good reason. Lilly was working as a prostitute at the time in the Atlas neighborhood. She took men back to her apartment for ‘entertainment’ to make a living for herself.

Lilly’s body was found on May 4th, 1932 at her apartment near Sankt Eriksplan. Her downstairs neighbor, Minnie Jansson, alerted police the morning after Lilly came down asking for condoms. When law enforcement entered her room, they found her naked, face down on her bed, her clothes folded on a nearby chair.

What makes people consider this a vampire murder or at the very least, related to the vampire myth, is that her body had been drained of blood. Police found a nearby gravy ladle covered in blood which suggested the killer drank her book, earning them the name The Atlas Vampire. Later, when an autopsy had been completed, it appeared that the unknown killer drank blood directed from her, giving it a real vampire twist. She didn’t die from blood loss, though. The cause of death was repeated blunt force trauma to the back of her head.

camera-lilly-300x237 Unsolved Vampire Murder CaseThere was an abundance of clues and bodily fluids at the crime scene, including saliva on her neck and shoulder and a condom protruding her anus, but given the lack of DNA testing technology in 1932, they were never able to find the person responsible, be it a man, woman or vampire. It was also said that sex activity had occurred.

Detectives immediately launched an investigation and searched the nearby area. They questioned Lilly Linderström’s known clients about her murder; however, no arrests were made and the case remains unsolved.

In 2007, Swedish musician Eric Malmberg released an instrumental (Hammond organs ahoy!) track whose title translates to In Memory of Lilly Lindström.

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