Is There A Knowledge Bank Somewhere In The Universe?

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KNOWLEDGE-BANK Is There A Knowledge Bank Somewhere In The Universe?

Is There A Knowledge Bank Somewhere In The Universe That We Can Access With Our Mind?

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Nikola Tesla once theorized that there was a knowledge bank somewhere in the universe that humans could tap into if they could only control their minds. Tesla suggested he was able to access a small percentage of this power which allowed his to see things in great detail and create inventions that shaped our entire world. He claimed to have had visions of technology that was far beyond its time, he would break down the images in his head and reconstruct it before creating the technology in our world.

Whether this alleged knowledge bank exists or not is unknown, but isn’t it a possibility when you look at Tesla’s other worldly experiments? Many believe he tapped into a knowledge bank which allowed his to create such advanced technologies, others believe he even had direct contact with extra-terrestrials from an advanced world.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that an advanced civilization have this knowledge bank that we can access through the power of our brain. The greatest minds on earth have not even mapped out the entire brain and understood how it works or its full potential, so putting restrictions on thinking, imagination, and other powers our brain may have could be holding you back from accessing the same visions of an advanced civilization that Tesla claimed to have.

01-Nikola-Tesla-ETs-Alien-300x219 Is There A Knowledge Bank Somewhere In The Universe?Maybe imagination is just the beginning of accessing this great power. We know we’re not in the present when using our imagination because we can use it to imagine somewhere else. How is that possible when we’re not there? How can our brains to use to places we’ve never been? How can people get so lost in their brains they go insane and get admitted to a psychiatric ward and give up on this reality?

We believe it is entirely possible to access a great power in our minds if we only know how to control them.

What do you believe? Do you think there is a knowledge base or a way for the human mind to access far more advanced technology or do you think it was just Tesla’s imagination running wild? Let us know in the comments below.

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