Was Nikola Tesla The Greatest Mind That Ever Lived?

Was Nikola Tesla The Greatest Mind That Ever Lived?

NIKOLA-TESLA Was Nikola Tesla The Greatest Mind That Ever Lived?

Was Nikola Tesla The Greatest Mind That Ever Lived? Mad Scientist Or Genius?

Until Elon Musk put the name Tesla into the automotive lime light, it was not known as well as, say, Einstein or Newton by the masses. It seems Nikola Tesla was somewhat forgotten in the big picture of history and science, but why?

7896786350 Was Nikola Tesla The Greatest Mind That Ever Lived?Nikola Tesla created many technologies far before their time and was even said to have connections to extraterrestrials or an advanced civilization who were feeding his brain images of advanced technology. He even publicly proclaimed this, which may be why less “out there” thinkers bury his legacy as mad science to avoid connection with such unprovable claims. However, Musk has definitely revived the name and opened the eyes of the world to just one of the inventions of a “mad” genius.

Nikola Tesla was one of the most innovative people that ever lived, and definitely one of the most mysterious. He passed away in 1943 from a heart attack in his New York home. Just hours after his body was discovered, his nephew arrives and discovers all of technical papers and documents had already been removed. Documents which were speculated to have been removed by the FBI and classified as top secret. Tesla was already paranoid that someone was trying to kill him, and once he was gone, all the data he had been guarding with his life was, too. Apparently the documents were sent back to Croatia some years later and the official story was nothing of any important was found. Is it possible the U.S Government kept his documents, tested his technology, and orchestrated the return of the documents? (Roswell 1947 theory). Over the years, speculations say that the materials recovered from Tesla’s room contained many advanced technologies and highly banned scientific concepts.

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Nikola Tesla was born on the stroke of midnight, July 10th, 1856 during a violent lightning storm in, what is now, Croatia. The midwife who delivered Nikola said this is a bad omen, but his mother said no, this will be a child of light. At an early age, Tesla invented toys which were powered by insects, became obsessed with storms and lightning and was determined to harness the power of the earth and the universe for the benefit of mankind. Something he was on the road to achieving until it all got abandoned. (More below under Unlimited Free Energy)

After studying engineering, physics, and mathematics, he moved to the United States in 1881 and took a job under Thomas Edison in New York City. Soon, the two became rival in what was known as the war of the currents. Edison was performing with direct current and Tesla was using alternating current (AC vs DC). Edison’s electricity would only power light bulbs, an invention Edison is known for, while Tesla’s would not lose potency over distance and could power far more. There was no comparison. Tesla’s power system prevailed and it remains the system of the world’s power grid today.

Tesla’s innovation didn’t stop there. He is responsible for remote control, radio waves, electric railroad, fluorescent neon lights, x-ray, turbine engines, speedometers, helicopters and even torpedoes. He was the greatest genius mankind has ever known. But, how was Nikola Tesla so far ahead of his time?…

  •  Was Nikola Tesla The Greatest Mind That Ever Lived?

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  •  Was Nikola Tesla The Greatest Mind That Ever Lived?

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  •  Was Nikola Tesla The Greatest Mind That Ever Lived?

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  •  Was Nikola Tesla The Greatest Mind That Ever Lived?

    My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

Tesla was coincidentally born during a time which coincides with the opening of the gates of wisdom of earth. As mentioned above, he was said to have connections with other worldly beings, far more advanced than humans. He described his inventions as coming to him in his mind in exact detail where he could see them clearly, take them apart and reconstruct them in reality based on the images in his mind.

He believed there was a “knowledge base” located somewhere in the universe which anyone could tap into if they only knew how to control their mind. He has been forgotten by the physics world when really he should be at the center of it. He preferred to work in complete darkness and was obsessed with the number 3 and would even circle a building 3 times before he entered. His connection with extraterrestrial life and the fact he only slept two hour per night earned him the title of a mad scientist and was considered by some as a mad man. Some say this is extremely unfair and we would whole-heartedly agree. In our opinion, Nikola Tesla was the greatest mind in human history.

85620304 Was Nikola Tesla The Greatest Mind That Ever Lived?Unlimited Free Energy

In 1901, Nikola Tesla convinced banker J.P Morgan to fund him with $150,000 for the construction of a radio station, but instead, he used the money to construct build a giant wireless transmitted which he called Wardenclyffe Tower. It was 187 feet tall and went an additional 120 feet down into the ground. Tesla’s plan was to place similar towers at specific points around the earth to jump energy wirelessly from station to station, providing free energy for the entire globe. He even suggested he could use the same technology to jump energy from planet to planet, ultimately powering our entire solar system with wireless energy, for free.

In 1904, Morgan discovered Tesla’s true intentions to provide free power to everyone on the planet. By 1908, the project was completely abandoned due to lack of funding and the dream of worldwide free energy was gone. In 1917, the tower was demolished.

No company wants to give away their technology freely and by shutting down Tesla’s project, the world would not have free energy and business would continue to thrive. We’re not even going to get started on how greedy and moronic it was to shut this project down. Every time you pay your electric bill, just remember, Tesla worked hard to make it free while J.P Morgan shut down the project.

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Harnessing The Universe

If you’ve never heard of The Philadelphia Experiment, this will be a little treat for anyone open to the possibility of harnessing power beyond anything we can do today.

435245204340 Was Nikola Tesla The Greatest Mind That Ever Lived?Shortly before his death, Tesla was working with Albert Einstein and the U.S Navy on a stealth technology at the Philadelphia naval yard to create an electrically charged invisibility cloak for the USS Eldridge by mounting Tesla coils to create plasma around a ship, giving it a cloak in order to hide it from radar.

It’s subjective whether you want to consider the experiment as a success or a failure, but the ship did disappear, and not just from radar, it disappeared completely. It then reappeared with some of the crew embedded in the ship’s frame. Some say it was a hoax, but many insist the account was authentic. It is said the ship’s crew were disorientated and walked into the hull of the ship, and when the ship rematerialized in our reality, the crew members were infused with the metal of the hull.

If true, Tesla discovered a way to travel through space and time.

What do you think about Nikola Tesla? Other worldly genius or a mad man would let his imagination get the better of him? Let us know in the comments below.