Bhangarh Fort – Most Haunted Place in India

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Bhangarh-Fort Bhangarh Fort - Most Haunted Place in India

Bhangarh Fort – The Most Haunted Place in India

16840984015 Bhangarh Fort - Most Haunted Place in IndiaOne of India’s most haunted locations is Bhangarh Fort. Built in the 17th Century in the state of Rajasthan, India, it is considered the most haunted location in the country. This well preserved location is approximately 255km south of Delhi and is a hot spot for paranormal activity, yet the location is not known by many people outside of India.

The town of Bhangarh was first established in 1573 during the rule of Bhagwant Das. The fort, which is more of a small city composed of temples, palaces, and multiple gates, covers a large area of land at the foot of a mountain to the west side of the complex. There’s also a haunted temple to the north.

Bhangarh Fort is out of bounds at night due to its ghostly activity over the years. The ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) has forbidden tourists, and even the locals, from entering at night. The centuries old landmark is the backbone of many nostalgic “camp fire” stories for children growing up in the vicinity. The stories do have much credibility though, at least that’s what ASI believes.

Haunted_fort_of_Bhangarh-300x168 Bhangarh Fort - Most Haunted Place in IndiaBy day, the fort, which sits in the deserted town, is a beautiful tourist attraction, an ideal place for any traveler or photographer to cross off their bucket list.

By night, it comes to life and has been described as a place that is “not for the faint-hearted“. The complex was abandoned in 1783 and locals have even moved their town outside the fort limits to avoid any interaction with the alleged entities. The main gate of the fort city has been given the name “The Bhoot Bangla” (“House of Ghosts”). According to legend, the city of Bhangarh was cursed by Baba Balnath, a holy man who gave permission for the construction of the town as long as the height of the buildings did not cast shadow over his home. Balnath warned that if a shadow was to be cast over his retreat, he would destroy the entire city, which later did happen. A descendant prince raised the fort taller which ultimately cast a shadow over Bhangarh’s retreat. He retaliated by keeping true to his promise and cursing the whole town. He is said to still be buried on the site.

Whether this story is true or the reason for all the ghostly activity is due to something else, remains unknown. But if you’d like to see the ghost of a young boy in a doorless room or other high paranormal activity, maybe Bhangarh Fort is a location for you to check out!

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