The Ghost Of The Lady With No Tongue

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THE-LADY-WITH-NO-TONGUE The Ghost Of The Lady With No Tongue

Ghost Of The Lady With No Tongue – Glamis Castle, Scotland

glamis-castle-book The Ghost Of The Lady With No Tongue
Glamis Castle in Scotland is home to some of the countries most frequent paranormal sightings, including the ghost of the lady with no tongue… Landing it the number one spot for Scotland‘s most haunted castle.

There have been many sightings and many different spirits seen on the grounds, one of the more active is that of a woman who roams around the property scaring visitors and guests. No one knows exactly who she is or why she’s there, but with all the tragic history encased in the walls, it could one one of any of the women who died or were murdered on the grounds.

Her apparition that haunts the grounds is seen by many and she has been given the title “The Lady With No Tongue”.

Crypt-300x144 The Ghost Of The Lady With No TongueShe’s been seen wondering around the grounds of Glamis Castle, pointing to her face, which eye-witnesses say, appears to be badly wounded.

Other sightings include her looking out from a barred window of the castle. Guests have been haunted by The Lady With No Tongue for sometime and her spirit is said to still be residing there to this day. Could she have been a maid or servant for the Lord Glamis? Or was she an innocent victim of the castle’s brutal history? It is said there is a secret room, chamber or crypt, which is hidden somewhere in the castle. It was bricked up many years ago and even the descendants are not able to identify its location that has been hidden within the castle walls for years. Perhaps this mysterious chamber holds the secrets of the unidentified spirits lurking at Glamis Castle.

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