The Ghosts Of The Tower Of London

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THE-TOWER-OF-LONDON The Ghosts Of The Tower Of London

Ghosts Of The Tower Of London

tower-of-london-book-2 The Ghosts Of The Tower Of London
The Tower of London is rich in British history and has been the site of many executions, tortures, and other unsolved crimes. It is said to have housed over 2,700 prisoners over the centuries, so, is it any wonder a few ghosts have been spotted there?

Among the victims of the tower is Guy Fawkes, the man behind the 1605 gunpowder plot, where he and a group of plotters used explosives in an attempt to blow up The House of Parliament while King James I was in the building. Caught red-handed, Fawkes was subject to torture in an attempt to find out who his co-conspirators were.

Fawkes was later executed at Westminster while his plotters were hung, but not until death. They were taken down from the noose, had their genitals cut off and their hearts removed before being beheaded and cut into quarters. Their heads were put on poles for the public to see as a brutal reminder that you must behave while in the capital.

The legend of Guy Fawkes lives on to this day. Every year, Brits enjoy Bonfire night, lesser known now as Guy Fawkes Night, held on November 5th. The movie V For Vendetta showcases a story of Guy Fawkes and you’ll notice a common phrase; “Remember, remember, the 5th of November”.

GUY-FAWKES The Ghosts Of The Tower Of London

Another event from the tower of London is that of two young princes, who’s death earned the tower the name “The Bloody Tower”.

One July evening in 1483, whilst under the supposed protection of their uncle, a man who later became King Richard III, young Edward V (age 12) and his younger brother, The Duke of York (age 9), disappeared. Their father, Edward IV had died a few weeks earlier. When residing at the tower, they were regularly seen playing on the grounds, but they were seen less and less until they were only noticed through the bars of their windows until one night they were gone. It was a turning point in British history, a cold blooded murder of two innocent children to win the throne of England.

81cmWV4hH7L._SL1500_-300x300 The Ghosts Of The Tower Of LondonNearly 200 years later, an unexpected discovery was made by workers who were clearing away a stairway near the White Tower when they discovered a box with the remains of two children. The bones inside the box were moved to Westminster Abbey where they still remain today. In 1933, the bones were analyzed by physicians who concluded the ages of the two boys were of ages 9-11 and the other 12-13, which coincides with the ages of the two princes at their time of death. The structure of the jaws points to them being related.

This is still a hot topic among British historians, and supporters of Richard III today. Although the bones haven’t been proven to belong to the two young princes, it is thought that Richard III was responsible for the crime. Legend has it, the two young boys were suffocated with pillows and strangled to death, under his orders.

Although evidence points to Richard, many say he was a nice person and could not have done such a thing. People still return to the tower to memorialize him. Technological advances is calling for another look at the remains with DNA testing on the bones.

TOWER-OF-LONDON-BOOK The Ghosts Of The Tower Of LondonWith the Tower of London being a well-known execution ground, and the final place Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey, and the Earl of Essex to take their last breaths, it’s the perfect location for ghosts to appear.

The apparition of Lady Jane Grey has been spotted by visitors on numerous occasions, as well as the ghost of Anne Boleyn, who was executed due to the Catholic Church condemning divorces and death being her only escape from marriage. Her apparition has been repeatedly spotted at a window as she longingly looks into the distance.

Headless figures have been seen, which is no surprise given the number of beheading that took place there. Agonizing screams have been reported in the White Tower torture chamber which are said to echo off the walls and sudden gusts of winds occur where there are no windows or doors which sends a chill through visitors.

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