Haunted Abandoned Doll Factory, Spain

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ABANDONED-DOLL-FACTORY-IN-SPAIN-1 Haunted Abandoned Doll Factory, Spain

Haunted Abandoned Doll Factory, Spain

Somewhere in Spain lies an abandoned doll factory which is said to be haunted and cursed. Nacho Labrador, a Spanish urban explorer, discovered an abandoned porcelain doll factory whilst out with his camera. He has not released its exact location for fear of vandalism and graffiti, but he captured plenty of high resolution images of the eerie factory so you can see it in all its glory.

staircasejpg-226x300 Haunted Abandoned Doll Factory, SpainNacho snuck into this abandoned building and found an old doll factory that appeared to have been untouched since it was in used. If finding torsos of dolls covered in dust and heads looking at you from all around isn’t creepy enough, he also found many dead chickens scattered around the three level building. It’s suggested they were ritual killings as they dead animals were all strung up on crosses.

It appears the building was abandoned quickly as nothing was “cleaned up” and none of the merchandise or parts were salvaged by whoever operated the factory. Apparently, a Spanish sculptor, from Valencia, Spain, by the name of Ramon Ingles, had some connection to the porcelain dolls that were manufactured at the old factory before it was abandoned. It is suggested that he could have been a designer, but this is not confirmed.

attachment-image-4f81b0b1-7d5c-4101-9bf0-63237941349b-300x224 Haunted Abandoned Doll Factory, SpainAbandoned buildings are spooky enough, but when you add body parts of dolls and dead chickens strung from crosses, it takes on a whole new league of fright. Is it any wonder this place has been labeled as one of Spain’s haunted locations? There have not been many visitors to the building, mainly because of its location being shrouded in secrecy, but it is rumored to be cursed and haunted. More information and a full gallery can be found here.

Don’t forget to use Google translate if you’re not fluent in Spanish!

The doll factory was said to have been abandoned sometime in the 1980’s with machinery, parts, molds, and boxes being left there to decay. No one knows why it was abandoned in such a rush, but it sounds like a place we would be interested in!

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