Pete The Poltergeist – The Cardiff Poltergeist

Pete The Poltergeist – The Cardiff Poltergeist

PETE-THE-POLTERGEIST Pete The Poltergeist - The Cardiff Poltergeist
pete-the-poltergeist Pete The Poltergeist - The Cardiff PoltergeistWe’re diving deep into the archives of paranormal activity to bring our community content that isn’t widely known, so we’d like to introduce Pete the Poltergeist. Yes, this is a true story.

Back in the 90’s, Pat and John Matthews ran a successful lawn mower business in Cardiff, Wales with the help of their brother, Fred Cook, called Cardiff Mower Services. With business thriving, there seemed to have very little in the way of irregular problems. During working hours in their store, they heard what sounded like hail on the roof, but it appeared to be stones or small rocks that had been thrown on the roof.

They assumed it was young teenagers trying to irritate them, but after it kept happening, and after repeatedly rushing outside to find no one around, they started to rack their brains for another answer. After a time, John started to get worried that there was something strange going on around the building and that it was not kids playing pranks.

Over time, the family trio noticed screws and other small objects rolling, and even thrown, across the store. Pat reported that an area in the corner of the store became ice cold. Keys would disappear and reappear in plain sight, money would move, and other strange occurrences would happen, but will all three of them denying their involvement to each other, they decided to do a test.

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John & Pat Matthews

They locked the workshop door and each of them laid their hands on a work bench, they then asked for a stone to be thrown. Expecting nothing to happen, a stone landed on their desk with all their hands still palm down. Then a they asked for a spark plug and immediately one flew onto the desk. The team were baffled, but decided to accept it was a poltergeist, and not having done them any harm, they accepted it as part of the business. You’re probably wondering “Pete the Poltergeist”? Well, this poltergeist was so much of a return customer, and seemingly friendly, that the staff decided to name him “Pete the Polt”, short for poltergeist.

Though they claimed not to be frightened by the entity, they called in David Fontana, a university professor with an interest in the paranormal. He conducted a few visits, all of which were unannounced to try and catch them setting up their hoaxes with the element of surprise. As he entered, a stone was thrown and bounced off some machinery. John said to David “He’s greeting you”. Fontana reported that he experienced multiple paranormal happenings, mainly small objects moving around the floor, but he never saw anything in flight, which suggests no one was throwing it.

It soon became one of the biggest Welsh paranormal cases ever. The Matthews’ feared it would scare customers away, but business grew in with people excited to meet Pete. An insurance assessor even recalls his experiences when investigating the premises after a theft. He heard strange noises and saw stones rolling around on the floor. The staff said that’s just Pete the poltergeist. When he went back to his firm and told them what he’d experienced, the others just laughed, until one of his colleagues visited Mower Services and got to meet Pete the Poltergeist for themselves.

Fred claimed to see the Poltergiest one day while he was fixing something on the floor, looked up and saw a young boy sat on top of a shelf. He recalls a faceless boy who was waving, but when John turned round to see the mysterious figure, it vanished.

After some time, Mower Services outgrew its smaller workshop and store and moved to a larger location. It is said Pete the Poltergeist didn’t follow the business, but followed Fred back to his home. Fred has reported pictures moving, spoons being thrown, and coins being moved. They moved to a new house some time after, to try and escape the entity, as well as breaking a piece of pottery that kept appearing and disappearing, as a precaution.

They’ve not heard from Pete since.

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