Suicide Forest Aokigahara Japan

Suicide Forest At The Base Of Mount Fuji, Japan

SUICIDE-FOREST Suicide Forest Aokigahara Japan

SF Suicide Forest Aokigahara JapanSuicide Forest At The Base Of Mount Fuji, Japan

Aokigahara Forest, or Suicide Forest as it’s more commonly known, is at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan and is still one of the world’s biggest mysteries.  People go there to commit suicide and the ones that decide not to take their own lives claim their drawn to the forest to commit the act. The English name is “The Suicide Forest” or “Sea of Trees”.  It has also been called “Jukai” because the forest, as seen from half way up Mount Fuji, is green all year round and looks like an ocean.
Suicide forest has a historic association with demons from Japanese mythology and is said to be haunted by angry spirits of the people who were left there to die.  There were 78 bodies found in 2002, 105 in 2003, 108 in 2004 and in 2010 it’s reporter over 200 people attempted suicide but only 54 succeeded.  The annual average is around 100 suicides per year making it the number one suicide site in Japan.

You can see abandoned cars around the forest where people park, enter the forest and never come out.  There are signs at the entrances to Aokigahara Forest to try and deter people from committing suicide.  The signs say things like “Your life is a precious gift from your parents” and “Please think about your parents, siblings and children” and they also prompt people with suicidal thoughts to contact “The Suicide Prevention Association“.

suicide-forest-japan-times-300x169 Suicide Forest Aokigahara JapanLocals, as well as children, don’t commit suicide there as they’re told not to go near suicide forest.  Children are told it’s a scary forest, according to one of the local patrolman.  There are paths open to the public but there’s certain trail points which are restricted.  Signs state it is because you could get lost but the real reason is much more serious.  People who are indecisive about dying have wrapped tape around the trees to indicate their route back to one of the trails.  If a person does leave a tape trail and commits suicide, it will allow authorities to find their body.

If you visit Suicide Forest, you may find old maps, personal effects, ropes hanging from trees and nooses scattered on the floor from people who have committed suicide and had their bodies recovered.  Finally, you can even find old suicide manuals.  Some believe the demons tempt in passers by and force them to take their own lives.

00762951151f6a679d50f3e4e0424880-300x247 Suicide Forest Aokigahara JapanMany others believe that suicide forest is cursed but it’s still a mystery why so many go there to commit suicide.  Some survivors of suicide attempts claim to have the feeling of being pulled towards the forest and that some kind of entity is trying to persuade them to take their own life. We will leave you with this to think about… Azusa Hayano, the nature guard and suicide patrolman for Aokigahara Forest gave a very interesting statement…

“I think the way we live in society these days has become more complicated.  Face-to face communication used to be vital, but now we can live our lives being online all day.  However, the truth of the matter is we still need to see each other’s faces, read their expressions and hear their voices so we can fully understand their emotions, to coexist.  We have to coexist to take care of each other.”

91891exokEL._SX385_-233x300 Suicide Forest Aokigahara JapanA feature length movie has been released.  The movie is simply titled “The Forest”, which is based on the events of Aokigahara Forest.  It had a limited theatrical release but it’s now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.

The 2016 movie focuses on the supernatural mysteries behind Aokigahara Forest (Suicide Forest).  The story follows a young woman’s hunt for her missing twin sister (Natalie Dormer) which leads her to one of the most dangerous places on earth.

When Sara Price (played by Dormer) discovers her twin sister, Jess (Dormer), has mysteriously disappeared, she sets off in search to find the truth.  Sara travels over to Japan to try and locate her sister in the infamous Suicide Forest, at the base of Mount Fuji.  Upon entering Suicide Forest she is faced with eerie dark woods as she plunges into a tormented supernatural world of angry spirits which lie in wait for those who ignore the warning; never stray from the path. Watch the below.  You can pick up a copy from Amazon here: Blu-ray | DVD | Digital.  Let us know your thoughts on Suicide Forest, or if you’ve picked up the movie, share your comments.  We want to hear from you in the comments below!