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Warren Investigations – Ed & Lorraine Warren – The True Stories Behind The Conjuring, Amityville and Annabelle

Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-7.38.53-AM-187x300 Warren Investigations - Ed & LorraineThe Warrens are the infamous paranormal investigators who’s investigations and cases inspired the Amityville horror series, James Wan’s 21st century masterpiece, The Conjuring, and many others. The Warren investigations sling-shotted them to the top of the paranormal world and they’re known as America’s preeminent experts in demonology.

The Warrens were referred to by many different career titles including experts in demonologists, paranormal investigators, psychics, and paranormal researches, and even fakes, but when it comes to paranormal activity in the United States, they’re the real deal. Ed Warren was a demonologist and his wife, Lorraine Warren, was a trance medium.

Their real life investigations have inspired movies including Amityville Horror, The Haunting in Connecticut, Annabelle, The Conjuring 1 & 2, and The Nun.

The Warrens have been considered the leading experts in demonology for over fifty years now, so much so that they’re often called upon when there’s an outbreak of paranormal phenomena. When people are physically attacked, when homes are physically torn apart by entities, and even when priests are possessed, that’s the kind of events and reports that the Warrens dedicated their lives to.

There have been many books written on the couple, but it’s always better to hear the stories from “the horse’s mouth”, and that’s what The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren provides.  The cases the Warrens divulge in their book will shock you; yet it’s the significance of what they write that will really impact you.

Further more, the Warrens don’t mince words. They know what they’re talking about, they’ve seen it, and they’ve done it. In The Demonologist they reveal the methods, and the motives, behind spirit activity; indeed they reveal what really breaks the peace in haunted houses, and precisely what it means to the victims, both now and forever. Now both their work and careers are complete, their names are cemented in the paranormal history books and we can enjoy reading and watching the incredible events they lived through.

Ed Warren passed away in 2006. Lorraine Warren is still currently living in Connecticut, USA which is situated in New England and is considered one of the most haunted states in the country. It’s also one of the oldest, so the fact that it’s rich in history provides for plenty of paranormal stories.

Warren Investigations

Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-7.38.23-AM-180x300 Warren Investigations - Ed & LorraineEnfield Poltergeist
Another popular case from the Warren investigations was that of The Enfield Poltergeist, the name given to poltergeist activity at a council house in Enfield, England from the late 70s. The case involved two sisters, age 11 and 13 at the time. The Enfield Poltergeist case was another story that people were quick top label as a ”hoax”, stating the girls faked the incidents.Hoax or not, this is the case that inspired the 2016 The Conjuring sequel.

Perron family
In 1971, the Warrens claimed that the home of the Perron family was haunted by a witch who lived at the home during the early 19th century. The Warrens say that Bathsheba Sherman cursed the property.  This was the story which inspired James Wan’s 2013 movie The Conjuring. Lorraine herself was actually a consultant to the production and appeared in a cameo role in the movie. The Conjuring turned into an instant success and is considered by many as the scariest movie since The Exorcist. The movie earned a sequel in 2016 which follows the characters of Ed & Lorraine Warren to London to help a single mother battle malicious entities out of her home.

Amityville is one of the most well-known cases from the Warren investigations. The Warrens are probably best known for their involvement in the 1976 Amityville Horror case. George and Kathy Lutz, a couple from New York City claimed that their house was haunted by a violent, demonic entity, which was so intense that it eventually drove them to leave their home. The Amityville Horror Conspiracyauthors, Stephen and Roxanne Kaplan, characterized the case as a “hoax”, but Lorraine Warren told a reporter from The Express-Times newspaper that the Amityville Horror was far from a hoax. The haunting was the basis for the 1977 Amityville book.

the-haunted-doll-from-the-annabell-movie-300x300 Warren Investigations - Ed & LorraineAnnabelle
In 1970, two room mates claimed their rag doll was possessed by Annabelle Higgings, the spirit of a young girl. The Warrens took the doll to their family’s “Occult Museum” after telling the two friends that the doll was “being manipulated by an inhuman presence”. In 2014, the movie titled Annabelle was loosely based on this story. Dedicated fans were a little disappointed because the doll was not as rag doll like as the original doll from the real event. The movie was a prequel to the 2013 movie The Conjuring, another movie which was based on events from the Warren investigations.

Demon Murder
In 1981, Ed & Lorraine were called to deal with a demonic possession. They say this was not a hoax, but Arne Johnson, who was accused of killing his landlord during the time, was unsuccessful with his “not guilty” plea at his trial, after the Warrens subsequently claimed he was also possessed. Unfortunately, the courts didn’t buy into the story of him being possessed, and he was found guilty. The case was described in the 1983 book The Devil in Connecticut by Gerald Brittle.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.02.25-AM-168x300 Warren Investigations - Ed & LorraineHaunting In Connecticut
Another very famous case from the Warren Investigations was in 1986 when the Warrens claimed the Snedeker house, a former funeral home, was infested with demonic spirits. The case was featured in the 1992 book In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting and also a TV movie which later became part of the Discovery Channel series A HauntingThe most well known adaptation of the story was probably the 2009 movie The Haunting In Connecticut, which also got a sequel in 2013, titled The Haunting In Connecticut 2: Ghosts Of Georgia.

Smurl Family / The Smurl Haunting
A lesser known case from the Warren investigations was in Pennsylvania where residents Jack and Janet Smurl reported their home was haunted after hearing strange sounds, smells, and seeing apparitions. The Warrens took the case and after becoming involved, they claimed the Smurl home was occupied by 3 minor spirits and also a demon that Jack and Janet Smurl claims sexually assaulted them. The Smurls’ version of their story was the subject of a 1986 book titled The Haunted, as well as a 1991 TV movie of the same name.

The Warren investigations include a very strange case in which they exorcised a werewolf demon. Ed & Lorraine Warren published the case in their 1991 book, Werewolf: The True Story Of Demonic Possession.

WARREN-STORE Warren Investigations - Ed & Lorraine

What’s your opinion on Ed and Lorraine Warren and their bizarre investigations that inspired horror movie writers and directors over the last forty years? Let us know in the comments below.

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