Area 51 Military Base

AREA-51 Area 51 Military Base
Area 51 is a U.S. Air Force based in restricted area in the Mojave Desert, Nevada, USA.  According to the CIA, the correct name for the base is Homey Airport, and Groom Lake, it’s become somewhat of a phenomenon for conspiracy enthusiasts and is known by most people as Area 51.

The mystery of what exactly is housed in the secret military base is still a mystery.  Some have speculated that the flying saucer from Roswell’s 1947 UFO incident was taken to Area 51, some theorize they have a live extra-terrestrial, or are working with extra-terrestrials, others just discard it as a government weapons base which is restricted to keep their technology under wraps.  The truth is, many of us may never know what is really being kept in the base.  And it’s not as if you can get a look inside, or even get close to the base.  It would be easier to rob the same bank 10 times than it would be to get inside the Area 51 base.

GTY_area_51_jef_130816_33x16_1600-300x147 Area 51 Military BaseWith Area 51 being so shrouded in secrecy, it’s not as if all routes to the base are sign posted to sing about it’s existence.  This has become somewhat problematic for some tourists.  People without any interest in the base find themselves touring dirt tracks in the Mojave desert only to be greeted by armed patrolmen informing them to the fact they’re in a restricted Government area.  Not exactly an ideal day out for grandma and the kids.  If you’re visiting the Mojave desert, it’s worth spending a few minutes researching your route to make sure you’re not going to be crossing an un-signposted perimeter.  The guards for the base may arrest you for trespassing and can shoot at the first sign of aggression.

Although the secret base may just be a place for testing advanced weapons, air crafts and technology (known as Black projects), it has been continuously referenced to have association with extra-terrestrials.  From a huge range of books, articles, pictures, documentaries, and even the Crash Bandicoot Warped game had an Area 51 level with alien road signs.  The latest reference was a feature length movie named “Area 51”.  Although the movie wasn’t a blockbuster, like say a Batman movie, it still did a great job (in our opinion).  Strangely it’s becoming increasingly difficult to obtain but it is available from on DVD, it never earned a Blu-ray release.

AREA-51-1-300x211 Area 51 Military BaseThe film is about a group of daring friends who investigate plans, diaries and information from one of their father’s files who used to work at Area 51.  Armed with this knowledge, they use all types tactical strategies to gain access into the secret base and what they find inside… Well, we’ll let you watch the movie to find out.  It really is edge-of-your-seat material.  Trailer below. Order from Amazon.

The still unknown purpose of Area 51 may be a mystery to us forever.  If they do have an extra-terrestrial inside the base and announced that to the media, it could create mass panic.  So many people, and reporters alike, don’t even believe in aliens, so much so that when a gentleman asked a White House representative if President Obama would release information on Area 51 as to whether there were aliens in the base, reporters just laughed and as his questions of alien existence continued, so did their sniggering.  Video here.