El Dorado – The Lost City Of Gold

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EL-DORADO El Dorado - The Lost City Of Gold

El Dorado – The Lost City Of Gold in South America

7867027 El Dorado - The Lost City Of GoldSaid to be linked to the ancient Inca civilization, the legend of El Dorado is one that has kept explorers and archaeologists busy for generations. In the 16th century, rumors of a city of gold spread like wild fire. It’s said that Diego de Ordaz, a shipwrecked explorer, was rescued by the El Doradans themselves and discovered a city made entirely of gold.

Whether this is true or not is unknown, but that didn’t stop the Spanish conquistadors from searching for hundreds of years in hopes of finding it.

It was said that the ruler of El Dorado wore gold dust and the natives assigned little value to the gold because it was so plentiful.

El Dorado has been a legend that is still being actively pursued today. It has been referenced in countless books and movies, even in The Rundown with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, where he ventures to the Amazon to transport his employer’s son.

Upon entering the city where workers slave to mine gold, there is a sign for El Dorado (though it has an ‘H’ in front of it to signify it is Hell Dorado).

lost-city-of-gold-300x173 El Dorado - The Lost City Of GoldIf the legend is true, it is hidden somewhere in the Americas and it was a city that was made entirely of gold. Everything from structures to clothing to ornaments to jewelry. Legend says it should be slightly inland from the coast of Venezuela.

Apparently, there was an inexhaustible supply of the precious metal which the Spanish wanted to get their hands on, but despite extensive searching and an enormous amount of blood shed, very little gold was ever recovered, and certainly not a city of gold. The truth of El Dorado and whether there is indeed a city made entirely of gold remains a mystery. We think the legend of El Dorado is real, but is not anywhere near as spectacular as it is described. Though, we’re equally happy with someone finding the city of gold and proving us wrong.

Do you think such a lost city of gold exists somewhere in South America or another location? Let us know in the comments below.

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