Spectacular Knights Templar Cave System Discovered

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KNIGHTS-TEMPLAR-CAVE Spectacular Knights Templar Cave System Discovered

Spectacular Cave System Used By Knights Templar Has Been Discovered Under A Farmer’s Field In The British Countryside

Screen-Shot-2018-07-11-at-9.06.12-PM-182x300 Spectacular Knights Templar Cave System DiscoveredA cave has been discovered near Shropshire village of Albrighton, England, which was used by the medieval religious order, the Knights Templar, who fought in the Crusades.

This incredible labyrinth of passages and rooms was lit by candles so photographer Michael Scott could work his magic and capture these viral images for us to admire.

It is thought that the cave was a place of worship and it was reportedly also once used by followers of a black magic cult.

The entrance to this incredible discovery was found just one meter underground and looks just like a large rabbit hole. It contains a labyrinth of walkways with inscriptions on the walls, which are said to be “completely untouched”. The candles were placed there to light up this spectacle after it was discovered.

It is not known when the cave was made, but it is thought to be around 700 years ago, built in the 14th century. Although, some say it could have been much later, closer to the 17th century.

The Knights Templar were known for being a religious military order, but they are also remembered for something just as interesting… Their treasure. And it’s still out there somewhere. Included in the Knights Templar’s missing treasure is said to be untold riches which include gold and silver ingots, coins, jewels, jewelry, gold and silver plate, Middle Eastern trophies and artifacts, Royal crown jewel and other valuable pieces. Altogether, the missing treasure is said to be worth billions of dollars.

Although there wasn’t billions of dollars in missing treasure found, maybe new clues will be discovered from the cave system. Here’s the full photo gallery

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