The Mystery Of The Irish Crown Jewels – Lost Treasure

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IRISH-CROWN-JEWELS-STILL-MISSING The Mystery Of The Irish Crown Jewels - Lost Treasure

Mystery Of The Missing Irish Crown Jewels That Still Haven’t Been Seen (Missing Treasure)

IRISH-CROWN-JEWELS The Mystery Of The Irish Crown Jewels - Lost TreasureThe Irish Crown Jewels consisted of a heavily jeweled star and badge regalia of the Sovereign and Grand Master of the Order of St. Patrick. The jewels went missing in 1907, were never recovered, and the case is still a complete mystery.

The Irish Crown Jewels were housed in the Dublin Castle and it’s suspected that their disappearance was an inside job, though with the crime being unsolved, there is no conclusive evidence to prove it. The jewels had been a gift from King William IV in 1831 and three days after their disappearance, they were due to be present during a top honor investiture ceremony where the King was supposed to make Lord Castletown the newest Knight of the Order of St. Patrick. Due to the crown jewels being stolen, the event was cancelled and the King was not happy.

250px-Irishcrownjewels The Mystery Of The Irish Crown Jewels - Lost TreasureThe two pieces were said to be an incredible work of craftsmanship. The Grandmaster star consisted of 400 Brazilian white diamonds. In the middle was a shamrock emerald that sat on top of a cross of Rubies. The badge regalia was made from 24-karat gold, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

The Irish Crown Jewels were last worn by the Lord Lieutenant, Lord Aberdeen, on 15 March 1907, at a function to mark that year’s Saint Patrick’s Day, on 17 March. The last sighting of the jewels were on June 11th, 1907 when they were in the safe. They were discovered to be missing on 6 July, 1907 and they have not been seen since, nor has the personal responsible been found. The person who stole the jewels would be dead by now, so it’s clear they took the secret to their grave with them.

The jewels vanished at night, the locks were easily opened and no alarm sounded during the heist. It was a confusing event, but it pointed to it being an inside job. There is still no sign of the jewels to this day, however, a 1998 report claimed that the jewels had been discovered. If this is true, they have still not been seen by the public. With more than a century passed, they’ve more than likely been stripped for parts and sold to wealthy collectors over the years. Either that or they’re hidden far enough out of reach for their location to remain a complete mystery to this day.

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