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UFO-USO-SLIDER-2 UFO, Aliens, Space

UFO / USO Library

April 2018
Where are the aliens?

March 2017
A History Of Crop Circles
The 1973 Pascagoula Alien Abduction Case
The Best Documented UFO Case Of All Time
The Most Haunted, UFO Hot Spot And Unexplained Forest In The World – Hoia Baciu Forest
The Mystery Behind Antarctica’s Operation Highjump
The Vanishing Island Of Hy’Brasil

February 2017
Did An Alien Really Crash At Roswell?
Is There A Knowledge Bank Somewhere In The Universe?
SpaceX Is Sending People To The Moon NEXT YEAR!
What Do We Actually Know About Black Holes? Fact vs Theory

October 2016
The Mystery of Black Holes
The Rendlesham Forest UFO

July 2016
UFO Crash Landing In Roswell

June 2016
Is There An Alien In Area 51?
The McPherson’s Tape (Alien Abduction Video)
The Phoenix Lights (Arizona)

May 2016
An Interesting Theory on the Government’s UFO Cover Up