A History Of Crop Circles

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CROP-CIRCLES A History Of Crop Circles

A History Of Crop Circles

crop-circles A History Of Crop Circles
Okay, so at this point most people are probably aware that crop circles can sometimes be made by a couple of people with some rope and boards, and like the majority of UFO sightings, most can probably be explained.  Aside from people creating them in crops and fields as art and hoaxes, it has been suggested that certain weather phenomena may cause them, such as small tornadoes and possibly even ball lightning.  But just as with UFO sightings, it is that small percentage that cannot be so easily explained that stirs our imaginations and makes us wonder.

While most accounts of crop circles were not recorded until the early 20th century, there are a few documented incidents from as far back as the 15th century, including the “Mowing Devil” case, which was recorded on a wood engraving in 1678.  It describes an event where a farmer allegedly witnessed a devil or demon-like creature trampling and/or cutting down his crops in circles. Additionally, in England, in the year 1686, a professor by the name of Robert Plot published a book he had written that describes his observations of rings, circles and various other shapes that he’d found in grassy fields, but many researchers believe that he was most likely describing “fairy rings“.

Because of the vagueness of these earlier accounts, many skeptics count them as irrelevant, but many cereologists feel that any evidence of crop circles throughout history, regardless of how vague it may seem, must be taken into consideration.

crop_circles_swirl-300x227 A History Of Crop CirclesCrop circles have been observed all over the world in multiple countries, but for whatever reason, they most often seem to be found in England, typically near ley lines and sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury, and Silbury Hill.  The patterns and formations that have been discovered over the years have increasingly become so intricate and detailed, and are said to have appeared in such a short period of time, that it would be nearly impossible for humans to have created them.  Formations that were claimed by witnesses to have appeared in literally minutes, would normally have taken days to create if they were indeed man-made, according to professional surveying engineers.  Some of these formations are very large, spanning several hundred feet in diameter, the largest of which was 800-feet across and consisted of 409 circles.  The incredibly complex crop circle designs include a scorpion, galaxies, solar systems, a spiderweb, flowers, perfectly measured grids, ribbons and many other geometric shapes and patterns and, as it turns out, crop circles haven’t only appeared in crops, but some have also been discovered in other mediums such as snow and ice.

There are certain characteristics that researchers look for in order to separate the authentic crop circles from the man-made variety.  For example, when a formation is done by people, the stalks of the plants are typically broken or crushed and die, however, in an authentic circle, the stalks are simply bent over, often in woven fashion, and will usually continue to grow.  Some other examples that separate the real deals from the hoaxes are:

  • crop-circles-2 A History Of Crop CirclesMany circles flow widely outwards from the center of the circle, rather than going out from the center in a tight spiral (as would be the case with hoaxes) and they often have an S-shape and create thin strips, rather than a few feet wide swaths as would be created by planks or boards if made by man.
  • Often times, the direction of the crop flow is different on the bottom layer from the top layer.
  • Whatever made the circle can distinguish between mature and juvenile plants, along with different plant species, and will often leave the less mature plants, or the plants of another species, standing.  This would not be possible with the use of things like garden rollers or planks.
  • The precision is so accurate that sometimes a row of wheat only one stalk wide is all that stands between two circles.
  • A fair majority of circles are created on nights when it has rained and yet there is no mud on the flattened crops as there would certainly be if they had been made by people.
  • Fragile balls of a chalk like substance have often been discovered lying under the flattened plants.
  • No signs of weight having been applied to the plants, which is impossible for humans to have avoided.
  • The soil within the circles often has a different composition to the soil outside of the circles (example: soil inside the circle appears hard, dry and baked, whereas the soil outside is soft and moist)
  • Unusual substances, some jelly-like and others powdery, are often found on the plants within the circle.  Some of the powders have been analyzed and were found to be made of high-purity silicon dioxide, magnesium oxide, and magnetite.  The magnetite may be meteoric dust which is floating down to the surface of the earth all the time, but for some reason, the amount found within the circles is around 600 times higher than normal which would suggest that there are strong magnetic fields around the crop circles, drawing the magnetic dust into them.
  • There have been a few rare cases of strange animal deaths within crop circles.  Allegedly, in 1993, a flock of birds were caught in the formation of one the circles and it appeared that they had literally exploded and disintegrated.  Feathers along with tiny bits of flesh were all that was left of the birds.  In Canada, there were two dead porcupines found in two different crop circles.  One of the poor creatures, like the birds, had been disintegrated into blackened bits, but after having been analyzed, it was found that it had not been burned.  The other porcupine was found completely flattened inside the circle and there was evidence to show that the animal had somehow been dragged into the formation and oddly enough, its quills lay in the same direction as the flattened crops.  Another strange case involved dead or dying flies that were somehow stuck to the seed heads of the plants within a crop circle by their tongues (did you know flies had tongues…?)!  Some had their legs and wings spread out wide, as if in spasm, while others looked to have simply exploded.

uk00ee-1-222x300 A History Of Crop CirclesThese are only some of the examples that show us that not everything can be explained away so easily.  Many people who have ventured into these mysterious crop formations have claimed to have experienced unusual physical and/or emotional symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, dizziness, tingling, a sense of unease, and on the flip side of that, some have claimed to feel an incredible euphoria.

In addition, there have been numerous reports of people having seen balls or beams of light of various colors and intensity where the crop circles were formed.  Some formations have also been accompanied by an audible noise, sometimes described as a “trilling sound“, the frequency of which is typically between 5kHz and 6kHz.

Some patterns contain signs and symbols meaningful to different groups of people around the world. One of the most famous crop formations was the Chilbolton ‘Arecibo message’ formation, discovered in 2001 near the Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK.  It was technically two formations that were created next to one another (The second formation depicted what looked like a humanoid face) and they contained a decipherable message that appeared to be a response to a message sent out to the globular star cluster M13, 25,000 light years away, in the constellation Hercules.

The transmission was made by SETI on November 16th, 1974 from the large radio-telescope, Arecibo, which is located on the northern coast of Puerto Rico. The original message sent from Arecibo was meant to show any potential advanced civilization some of the different aspects of our own civilization: our mathematical system (decimal numbers 1-10); atomic numbers representing the primary elements for life on our planet (hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous); the formula and graphic representation of our DNA; a graphic representation of a human along with average height and the human population; a representation of our solar system which highlights the third planet (Earth); and a depiction of the Arecibo telescope which includes its diameter.

crop-circle-chilbolton-300x129 A History Of Crop CirclesThe crop formation shows what looks very similar to the message that SETI sent out in 1974, but with some changes: decimal numbers are the same; atomic numbers that represent the elements of life are the same with one additional – silicon; an extra strand of DNA and different number of nucleotides within the formulation; a depiction of a being resembling what we’ve come to know as a “Grey” with corresponding height (quite a bit shorter than the average human) and a much larger population than our own (12.7 billion); a solar system with a smaller sun than our own and containing 9 planets, with 3 inhabited (planets 3, 4, and 5 with emphasis on the 5th); the transmitting device depicted looks the same as a crop formation discovered a year earlier, in 2000, also near the Chilbolton telescope and the diameter is different.  However it came to be created, the ‘Arecibo message’ formation is still intriguing and baffling people today.  Another very mysterious and interesting formation we would suggest you check out is the ‘Gray Extraterrestrial Holding Disc‘ or ‘Alien Face‘ formation, also created in Hampshire, UK in August of 2002.

Whatever your opinion is of the crop circle phenomenon, we think it’s clear that not all of the accounts recorded over the years can be dismissed as mere hoaxes.  What are your thoughts?  Have you ever witnessed a crop circle and if you did, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section below!