Alien In Area 51?

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ALIEN-IN-AREA-51 Alien In Area 51?

Alien In Area 51?

AAA Alien In Area 51?One of the biggest questions for UFO and extra-terrestrial enthusiasts is “Is there an alien in Area 51?”.  Since the 1947 Roswell UFO incident, the government have stuck to their original statement that the object which crashed on the ranch in New Mexico was nothing more than a weather balloon, Project Mogul to be exact.  The majority of enthusiasts believe this statement to be false.

Many of us believe it was a flying saucer, or some kind of space ship from another planet.  The bigger question is, if it was a flying saucer, did the U.S. government transport the UFO to their military base and was there a live alien in the craft at the time of discovery?  We can only speculate as no one can gain access to Area 51 without an extremely high security clearance.  So, is there an alien in Area 51?

150708-roswell-2-300x169 Alien In Area 51?There have been many rumors floating around.  Some have even claimed they’re an ex-Area 51 employee and they’ve shared data, videos, and evidence they discovered whilst working at the base which prove there is a living alien in Area 51.  Whether this is genuine evidence is pure speculation, but maybe some of it holds some truth.  There have been pictures released of an “alien autopsy”, apparently on actual alien beings, which later to made it to the big screen as a feature length movie, known as Alien Autopsy.  Further more, numerous videos have been released over the years, the authenticity is questionable, but they’re hard to discard.  One gentleman, who preferred to remain anonymous actually shared footage of a live alien in a dark room, supposedly housed in the Area 51 base in the Mojave desert.

For more information on the 1947 Roswell UFO incident, click here.  For more information on Area 51, click here.  There’s far too much evidence to just discard the theory, but without proof it is just a theory.  And we want to hear yours…  Do you think the there is an alien in Area 51?  Let us know your opinion on the big question, and why you think so, in the comments below.