The Best Documented UFO Case Of All Time

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The-Best-Documented-UFO-Case-Of-All-Time The Best Documented UFO Case Of All Time

The Best Documented UFO Case Of All Time

UFOS-BOOK The Best Documented UFO Case Of All TimeWhen researching UFOs, there are many cases that can be thrown out as misinterpretation and mere hoaxes. Most peopel want to cut to the chase and find the events with the best proof of extra-terrestrial life, so here is the story behind the best documented UFO case of all time…

December 26th, 1980 – Night #1 (The best documented UFO case)

The twin US Air Force bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge in Suffolk, England, showed little sign of activity during the early hours of December 26th, 1980, but that evening would turn out to be one for the history books of UFO research. The events started when USAF Airman First Class John Burroughs noticed some unexplained, flashing red and blue lights in the forest that laid between the two bases. This is the Rendlesham Forest. Burroughs notified his supervisor, staff sergeant Bud Steffens, who both watched in amazement.

Their first thought was that an aircraft may have crashed and a security issue also crossed their mind. The two set off out the East Gate. Getting closer, they noticed a white light in addition to the blue and red. The color, configuration, and movement of the lights were like nothing they were familiar with. Deciding it needed reporting before they investigated further, they drove back to the East Gate to use a landline in the guard’s shack instead of using their hand-held radios (which were susceptible to scanners, should it have been a security threat).

img_2028-300x200 The Best Documented UFO Case Of All TimeThe on-duty Flight Chief at RAF Woodbridge, Jim (James) W. Penniston was told to rendezvous with Burroughs and Steffens at the East Gate, where he was briefed on the strange situation. This was the start of Penniston’s life-changing experience and the best documented UFO case of all time…

A “bogey” had been reported on radar about 15 minute prior, but it soon disappeared from the radar and it was clear the lights the officers had seen were somehow connected. There is some confusion why Steffens didn’t return to the scene, but Burroughs, Penniston, and Airman First Class Edward Cabansag went back to  investigate further. Not hearing an aircraft crash, the trio proceeded into the forest with “extreme caution”, at this time, Master sergeant J. D. Chandler joined them. The four men reported their radios simultaneously malfunctioning and to solve this, Chandler stayed with the vehicle to relay messages to base, while the three others continued on foot to find out what the lights were. They proceeded, but when they started to lose sight of Chandler, Cabansag stayed where he was and just Penniston and Burroughs continued.

penniston27s20triangle-300x188 The Best Documented UFO Case Of All TimeAs the two men got closer, they noticed the air was filled with static electricity and they described the experience as “wading through water”. As they approached a clearing, a bright flash of light illuminated the surrounding area and Burrough was engulfed in a beam of light which seemed to be coming from above. Once the light had cleared, Penniston saw it was clearly a small metallic craft of some kind, measuring approximately 3 meters high and 3 meters across (8ft x 9ft). As Penniston got closer, he saw, what he can only describe as something similar to “Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs”, which he sketched down (which you can see at the end). He drew a sketch of the craft from the front and the side, you can see a copy of his original sketch in the picture to the side. After sketching the object in a police notebook, he approached the object to touch it. Pennsiton recalls the craft in the Rendlesham Forest, noting: “The skin of the craft was smooth to the touch [and made him think of smooth, opaque, black glass], void of seems and imperfections, until I ran my hand over the symbols. The symbols were nothing like the rest of the craft, they were rough, like running my fingers over sandpaper“.

1_aufolks_Jim_Penniston_pic-269x300 The Best Documented UFO Case Of All Time
Jim Penniston (Recent Picture)

Moments later, a bright white light on top of the craft flared up and temporarily blinded Penniston’s view, but it quickly receded when he pulled his hand back from the craft. After that, the craft slowly lifted off the ground. It took a couple of minutes to rise above the tree line and then it took off into the night sky with what Penniston noted as “Speed-Impossible”.

Minutes later they saw another lights coming through the trees, but they noticed it was a lighthouse from a few miles away. (This is the lighthouse that was suggested by skeptics and agencies to be responsible the entire incident, probably in an attempt to discard or bury the case). Upon returning to Chandler and Cabasag, Penniston and Burroughs’ watches were about 45 minutes slow, and despite only experiencing a couple of minutes of time, their colleagues assured them they had been gone for about 45 minutes. Burroughs also reported the time from dropping to the ground after the bright light beam to the craft taking off as a few seconds. Penniston reported that time, when he examined the craft, as more than a few minutes.

So, why has the UFO incident at Rendlesham Forest been considered the best documented UFO case of all time? Well, the story above are the events from the first night, and on the second night, it was still far from the end…

December 27th, 1980 – Night #2 (The best documented UFO case)

The following evening, the unthinkable happened. The UFO returned. The on duty shift commander, Lieutenant Bruce England, went to find the deputy base commander, Charles Halt, who was at a Combat Support Group Awards Dinner nearby. He took him to the side and said “It’s Back. The UFO is back, sir.”

Halt’s first task was to assemble a team and gather equipment, he wasn’t willing to go unprepared this time. He demanded light-alls (a set of flood lights on a wheeled-platform), flash lights, spare batteries, cameras, a starlight scope (night vision device), a Geiger counter (radiation), radios, and utility jackets, just to name a few.

Charles-Halt The Best Documented UFO Case Of All Time
Charles Halt

The light-alls were not functioning correctly and Halt demanded they be refueled. Airman Tony Brisciano, the on-duty officer at the Fuels Management Branch, was the one on the receiving end of Halt’s increasingly impatient demands. Upon arriving at the military gas pumps at Woodbridge, it was clear that word had got out of the UFO’s return, he described the scene as chaotic. The light-alls would not function and were not able to be taken into the forest. There is no definitive list of all the personnel who went out on the second night, but here are those who were definitely present:

Lieutenant Bruce England
Deputy Base Commander Charles Halt
Sergeant Monroe Nevels
Master Sergeant Bobby Ball
Sergeant Adrian Bustinza
Sergeant Frail
USAF Airman First Class John Burroughs

Halt recorded his thoughts over the next few hours on a pocket cassette recorder he carried, which can be heard on the bottom of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident article. The tape is stopped numerous times, claimed by Halt to be due to inactivity and nothing interesting being reported, but this has led many people to believe something is hidden from the public.

The team went into the forest to see what they would uncover, though by now, the object was said to not be visible to them anymore. They split into smaller groups, but Burroughs was not given permission to join Halt’s team at the start. The tape gives a detailed rundown of what happened, here’s a brief description of the events that unfolded…

The team went into a clearing they suspected to be the landing site, they sensed high levels of radiation and broken tree branches. Halt and Englund discussed seeing a light between the trees ahead of them. Halt then ordered his team to “douse the flashlights”. They saw a yellow flashing light (also described as a red light with a yellow tinge to it) which appeared to be moving closer and getting brighter with pieces shooting off (which Halt himself described it as “molten metal”). Halt said on the tape that they were looking at it from two to three hundred yards away and it was moving side to side. When they put the star scope on it, it appeared to have a hollow, dark center. It was like the pupil of an eye that was winking at them.

AtNightlarge-300x198 The Best Documented UFO Case Of All TimeThis investigation continued through the forest for some hours, until Halt and his team were approached by a light coming from the south. They observed a beam of light, described as a pencil-thin light, like a laser, “shooting” the ground about 10ft in front of them before retracting and moving away. More lights were seem, claims of up to five, but these were steady and not pulsating. The object was seen in the sky, beaming light down to the ground over the Woodbridge base, said to be aimed directly into the base’s weapon storage area, where nuclear weapons were reportedly housed.

This is where Halt’s recorder ran out of tape, Halt and his team, seeing a floating object in the distance, had no idea what to do next as there was no protocol for what they had just witnessed, so the team returned back to the base. After a brief discussion with Burroughs, Halt spots a light in the clearing they had just examined, and Burroughs was given permission with Bustinza to approach the light in an attempt to identify it if was the same “thing” that he and Penniston had seen the previous night. As Burroughs and Sergeant Bustinza approached, it started coming towards them. A bright flash of light covered Penniston, and Sergeant Bustinza dropped to the ground. He reported that Burroughs disappeared in the explosion of light, and the field turned to darkness. Burroughs then reappeared and turned to Bustinza, who said “what just happened to you?”, Burrough has no memory of what happened during the several minutes he disappeared. The two then returned to the base with nothing but more questions.

Rendlesham-Forest-Book The Best Documented UFO Case Of All TimeThe Aftermath (The best documented UFO case)

The witnesses of the Rendlesham forest event say that the military were more interested in damage control than finding the truth. Shortly after the events of the Rendlesham Forest incident and what we would consider the best documented UFO case, the documents themselves started to mysteriously disappear. There were even said to have been many photos of the incident, taken by Halt and Penniston. However, when the cameras were submitted, the photos came back from the base’s photo lab and they were completely whited out, some totally blank. The real photos, well, they too mysteriously disappeared. The recording, sketches, and eye-witness accounts are the only things that survived from the night that made history in the UFO community.

Jim Penniston, after he debriefed the commander of the events that unfolded, was told by the commander (described by Penniston as “a thin warning”): “Project Blue Book ended in 1969, and sometimes things are best left alone“.

Pennsiton was called in for a second interview with the OSI (Officers of Special Investigations) [the Government’s discreet police who have power to do, well, anything] in an underground room on the base. During the interview, Penniston was injected with sodium pentothal (truth serum), most of the interview is still a blur to him, and he has a difficult time recalling the tactics used to extract information from him. Bustinza was also taken for questioning, but refused to speak of the events during the interview. He was later said to confide in a colleague, Georgina Brodie, and shared that the OSI would not let him leave until he agreed that the lights he saw were from the lighthouse (mentioned above) a few miles away. They then said to him “bullets aren’t cheap, a dime a dozen”, to which Bustinza agreed that it was the lights from the lighthouse that he saw. Other witnesses were also told to drop their stories about UFOs.

shutterstock_381358726-1 The Best Documented UFO Case Of All Time
Shortly after interrogation and back on patrol, Penniston and Halt noticed the woods were flooded with lights, helicopters, and investigators. No one knows quite what happened or if the UFO(s) returned, it was a “covert operation”.

So, how do we know about this case and how did any of this sensitive information ever get out? Larry Warren, a former airport security policeman at the base, says “I wanted to drag people right by the hair through the thing and say THIS HAPPENED!”. He was the sole person who brought this whole story to public attention and it was his information specifically that resulted in the freedom of information act, and when it was out, the beans were spilled across the world… Along with The Halt Memo (a brief statement to British officials about the events that unfolded at Rendlesham).

WARREN-RENDLESHAM-FOREST-300x222 The Best Documented UFO Case Of All Time
Larry Warren (2013)

Warren was only 19 at the time of the UFO incident, he was removed from his post and ordered to the woods to assist with Halt’s investigation, although he was not on Halt’s team. He said he reached a group of military personnel in a clearing, surrounding a glowing object on the ground (which was not mentioned by any of the other eye-witnesses involved). Upon moving closer, he observed military personnel who were facing the object as well as three glowing entities in the light beam. Warren was then pulled from the clearing and given no explanation for what he has just seen.

He was then taken in for an interview with three men in suits (possibly the OSI again?) and shown UFO military footage as early back as the 1940’s. Warren says, the more he was questioned, the more distorted his memory became. He then recalls being taken, against his will, to an underground room on the base (possibly the same room Penniston was interrogated in?) and being laid on a table with doctors talking to him, with military personnel in the background. He also recalls being sat alone at a table trying to eat something. He still can’t say for sure if these memories are true or were planted in his head to distract him from remembering what really occurred. Warren is the only airman who claims to have seen humanoid figures. No one recalls Warren even being there in the woods that evening, but he is adamant his story is honest and accurate.

Despite photographic evidence and many reports and documents being lost, warnings of “leaving it alone”, higher official conducting strange and possibly sinister interviews, and attempts at discarding the events, Rendlesham is still considered the best documented UFO case of all time. But, the mystery didn’t stop there…

Jim Penniston’s Bizarre Hypnosis (The best documented UFO case)

Rendlesham-Forest-Book-UFO The Best Documented UFO Case Of All TimeThis is where things get completely bizarre!

The day after the ordeal at Rendlesham Forest, Penniston wrote 16 pages of ones and zeros that he seemed to not be able to escape from in his head. He described them as “downloaded” from touching the hieroglyphs on the craft the previous night. With the feeling of losing his mind, he had the urge to write them down. When he had finished, the numbers disappeared from his mind and the flashing of ones and zeros in what he described as his “mind’s eye”, were gone. He put the note book in a drawer and that’s where it stayed for the next 14 years. He was glad to get some normality back in his life after such a strange few days. He carried on with his career until he retired in 1993.

In 1994, Penniston seeked out a local hypnotherapist in an effort to obtain medical treatment for health and sleep issues. On September 10, 1994, during his second hypnosis session, it was indicated that he received a “telepathic download of numbers” when he touched the raised hieroglyphic symbols on the craft. He also had a blocked area in his memory which the hypnotherapist was amazed by, sharing that she’d only read about the condition and never seen it before.

Shortly after, he decided to share a small part of the code with some trusted individuals, Linda Moulton Howe, Kim Sheerin, Nick Ciske, a web designer and expert in ASCII (a character encoder) and binary code, Joe Luciano, a computer systems engineer who had experience with binary code while working in the USAF, and Gary Osborn. Upon doing this, it was very quickly discovered that the ones and zeros were binary code and the next task was to analyze all the numbers in order to decipher a potential message. Well, they got more than they ever expected. What they deciphered was, in our opinion, sensational. You can see all 16 pages of the original binary code in a gallery below, but here’s what the code was deciphered to:

Exploration of Humanity 666 8100
52.0942532N 13.131269W
Continuous For Planetary ADVAN???
Fourth Coordinate Continuout UQS CbPR BEFORE
16.763177N 89.117768W
34.800272N 111.843567W
29.977836N 31.131649E
14.701505S 75.167043W
36.256845N 117.100632E
37.110195N 25.372281E
Eyes of Your Eyes
Origin 52.0942532N 13.131269W
Origin Year 8100

We’ll now show you the same translation with the locations of the coordinates, in blue, and if you want to explore more about those locations, you can use the links provided:

Exploration of Humanity 666 8100
52.0942532N 13.131269W (Location of Hy’Brasil) [More: Vanishing Island of Hy’Brasil]
Continuous For Planetary ADVAN???
Fourth Coordinate Continuout UQS CbPR BEFORE
16.763177N 89.117768W (Caracol, Brazil)
34.800272N 111.843567W (Sedona, Arizona) [More: The UFOs of Sedona, Arizona]
29.977836N 31.131649E (Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt) [More: Are The Pyramids Linked With An Advanced Civilization?]
14.701505S 75.167043W (Nazca Lines in Peru) [More: The Nazca Lines In Peru]
36.256845N 117.100632E (Tai Shan Qu, China)
37.110195N 25.372281E (Portara at Temple of Apollo in Naxos, Greece) {More from]
Eyes of Your Eyes
Origin 52.0942532N 13.131269W (Location of Hy’Brasil)
Origin Year 8100

HYBRASIL-RENDLESHAM-FOREST-UFO-CONNECTION The Best Documented UFO Case Of All Time’s Comments (The best documented UFO case)

Rendlesham-Forest-Book-UFO-LEFT-AT-EAST-GATE The Best Documented UFO Case Of All Time
Larry Warren’s Book

Now that we’ve covered all the key points in the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, it’s near impossible for anyone to discard all this information as misinterpretation, confusion, an elaboration on the truth, or a complete hoax. The events that took place on those evenings of 1980 have earned the Rendlesham incident the names “Britain’s Roswell” and “Britain’s Most Famous UFO Case”, and with all the reports, information, evidence and government involvement (and possible attempted cover up), this is unquestionably the best documented UFO case of all time. Some suggest Roswell’s 1947 incident was actually the best documented UFO case, but we think Rendlesham wins, hands down. The question is, what details about this case have been kept from the public, if any?

We’re going to be very careful not to mix the word “alien” and “UFO”, because they’re vastly different and sometimes are not related at all. Considering a UFO is a flying object that can not be identified, and an “alien”, in the common understanding of the word, is a being from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, the Rendlesham incident was obviously a UFO case because it was not identified. However, we do whole-heartedly believe the craft belonged to an advanced civilization. Maybe humans from the future, but it did not belong to the humans of 1980. Why an advanced civilization? In a nutshell… It moved at impossible speeds, emitted no sound during take off, and influenced time, control and technology we do not currently have. Could it have been aliens? Of course, but we’re going with time travelers from the future.

This is how we see it…

It clearly meant no harm, it gave off a message when Penniston touched it (maybe unknowingly, but possibly to help us somehow), which seemed to be a message of the future and the past together, it acknowledged the weapon storage area, and it (or they) disappeared without harming or abducting any humans or species.

maxresdefault-2-300x169 The Best Documented UFO Case Of All TimeIf you discard Warren’s claim of seeing three entities, it’s very possible the ship was an advanced drone or intelligent probe controlled from a distance. It was said to measure about 8ft x 9ft, which suggests it would be extremely tight for three passengers to endure extended travel times in, and let’s be real, it wasn’t from the moon or anywhere close.

Penniston said it was gone in the blink of an eye, which suggests it was out of sight within a second. We’ll down play this point so we’re not making it sound better than it may be… The edge of the earth’s atmosphere is about 300 miles from the earth’s surface. If the UFO, alien ship, time traveler ship, drone from an advanced civilization, or whatever it was, went out of sight in a second, it would, at minimum, have traveled 300 miles in a second. Now, this is far from the speed of light, however, the fastest rocket we have in 2017 can do a couple of thousands miles an hour while in earth’s gravitational pull (probes can go much faster in outer space). 300 miles a second is equal to 1,080,000 miles per hour. There is no man made vehicle that can achieve anything near this, yet. Oh, and don’t forget, take off was completely silent.

Rendlesham-Forest-Book-UFOs The Best Documented UFO Case Of All TimeWith this in mind, the UFO would have the ability to travel from a long distance to get to earth because the technology is so advanced and we’re still not able to understand how it achieved such rapid speed in silence, nearly four decades later. However, if Warren’s memory is accurate, and he did in fact see three additional figures that were of alien origin, that might well be what they were… Aliens. Another time traveler explanation could be that humans have advanced so much and have complete control over genetics, that in the future, we’re smaller, with different bodies. We don’t really buy the claim that three figures were stood in the light that evening, but it’s an interesting point.

Penniston had a similar theory that it was time travelers, but that theory was met with many questions by critics. We’ll try and answer some of them now:

Why would distant-future civilizations use binary code at their advanced stage of development?
It’s plausible that language has evolved so much in the future, or been discarded entirely due to brain-to-brain communication or other advances where language is no longer used, that the use of binary was for “our” benefit and understanding. Maybe the human brain in 1980 would not have been capable of “remembering” such data hidden in the binary, or it was just easier for the data to be “put” in Jim’s brain using ones and zeros.

Why would distant-future civilizations have a need to travel in “machines?”
It could have been a drone or a probe, as opposed to a space ship, the size certainly suggests so. Though, if it was a ship transporting beings, understand there is a huge difference between time travel and teleportation. Traveling in time can be achieved with great speed or worm holes. Teleporting involves “moving” mass from one place to another, instantly.

Why would a future civilization, possibly 6000 years ahead, need anything resembling 21st Century science?
We’re not sure what this question is directed at, but it’s not up to Penniston to come up with all the answers to his theory because he doesn’t know. No one does when discussing this question, as that is 6,000 years in the future. We’re not sure what they do need from 21st century science… Probably nothing. If the question refers to their reason for coming to earth then that’s a whole other story which could consist of: making sure history unfolds correctly, prevention of an event that will happen in our future (their past), research into history, the list goes on. 

Final Thoughts (The best documented UFO case)

As well as being the best documented UFO case, the Rendlesham Forest incident is truly incredible and we believe the majority of the events unfolded as stated. It seems that credible sightings of UFOs, aliens, or advanced civilizations have a couple of things in common. They have the ability to travel extremely quickly against gravity from zero acceleration, they have control over energy, and they also seem to have either control over time or a strong influence on it. Rendlesham is not the only case with these traits. Time slippage has also been connected to the Hoia Baciu Forest where a young girl went missing and returned five years later in the same clothes without aging a day. This is a very active UFO sighting location.

Whatever the truth of the best documented UFO case is, and whether the governments are concealing facts or not, there is no doubt the technology available to these advanced beings far surpasses ours. Hopefully we can achieve immortality soon and those 6,000 years may not seem so far away…

We hope you enjoyed reading the best documented UFO case of all time and the story behind Rendlesham Forest. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.