The Mystery of Black Holes

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BLACK-HOLES The Mystery of Black Holessh The Mystery of Black Holes

The Mystery of Black Holes

By now, most people have heard of black holes and have at least some idea of what they are and what they do.  Black holes are objects within our universe that are so heavy that not even light can escape.  These cosmic, star-eating monsters are formed when a star collapses in on itself.  It was long believed that anything that crossed what has been referred to as the event horizon into a black hole would be lost forever, but it has recently been theorized, by physicist Stephen Hawking himself, that the event horizon does not actually exist and that information that gets pulled into a black hole will eventually be “spit” back out.

Black holes are very mysterious objects that can be anywhere from 3.8 times to 21 billion times more massive than our sun.  Scientists and physicists are discovering new details about black holes and their unique properties all the time.  A good example would be the recent discovery of what has been dubbed a “rogue” or “wandering” black hole.  The majority of massive and super massive black holes typically sit at the center of galaxies and they are what drives the galaxy.  This new type of black hole, however, was discovered in the outer reaches of its galaxy rather than in the center.  It’s believed that at one time, it was located at the center of its own galaxy, but at some point in the past it must have merged with another galaxy which knocked it out of its central position.

blackwhiteholes The Mystery of Black Holes

The biggest mystery regarding black holes is what actually happens inside of them.  There are many theories that have been put forth by scientists, the most popular being that any matter that enters a black hole is stretched and then crushed into an infinite point referred to as a singularity.  Recently, new studies have presented some very interesting theories on the subject, such as the “Cloning” theory which suggests that information that falls beyond the horizon line is copied and can – theoretically – escape and be recovered.  Another theory speculates that there could be black holes without singularities.  Such a black hole would instead have a wormhole within it and it is believed that if this were the case, if you were to fall into said black hole, you would be able to see the entire history of the universe play out in front of you.  And then there is another, hypothetical, idea floating around out there that if you were to be pulled into a black hole, you would be ejected out of what’s been referred to as a “white hole” into an alternate universe.  A white hole is the complete opposite of a black hole in that instead of pulling things in, it is only capable of erupting matter from it.

It will probably be a long time before we ever truly know everything there is to know about these gargantuan beasts of the universe, but with technology advancing so rapidly these days, we may get answers sooner than we think.  Let us know your thoughts or theories in the comments below…

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