An Interesting Theory On The U.S. Government’s Alien Cover-Up

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AN-INTERESTING-THEORY-ON-AREA-51 An Interesting Theory On The U.S. Government's Alien Cover-Up

An Interesting Theory On The U.S. Government’s Alien Cover-Up

Most alien enthusiasts are convinced the U.S. Government are covering up evidence of life beyond our planet, namely one of the first incidences where an unidentified flying object crash landed on a ranch in Roswell, NM, USA back in 1947.  The government claimed is was a weather balloon that crash landed, but media, and enthusiasts alike, have a very different theory, and rightly so.

RTDAA An Interesting Theory On The U.S. Government's Alien Cover-UpMost people believe it was a flying saucer which visited us from another planet.  And if that is true, there’s a good chance it contained an alien-being inside the disc shaped craft.

Over half a century later and the U.S. Government are adamant it was a weather balloon, yet their story seems to alter whenever we’re lucky enough to have someone speak out about the incident.  Many theories have been shared on whether the UFO was indeed an alien craft, whether it had an alien inside, and whether Area 51, the secret military base in Nevada still houses an alien, whether living or not.  With all these theories floating around for close to six decades, we thought we’d share one of our own…

What if the Roswell incident was a flying saucer from another world, but the U.S. Government want to keep it under wraps because the technology is just far too advanced for them to even consider explaining yet?

Roswell-New-Mexico-1947-UFO-Crash-and-alien-bodies-1-300x159 An Interesting Theory On The U.S. Government's Alien Cover-UpLet’s hypothesize for a moment.  If it was an alien space craft that landed in Roswell, and the being(s) inside where dead on impact, the U.S. Government potentially recovered a saucer without an explanation from the owners/pilots as to how it got to earth.  Also, the craft, if that’s what it was, is so small in comparison to our rockets, which can’t even get to Mars, that the technology to travel from another galaxy would have to be so advanced, the Government can’t physically understand the mechanics.

NASA can’t even consider a manned trip to Mars yet, so isn’t it possible that the technology behind Roswell’s flying saucer is just beyond understanding?  If the alien spacecraft did indeed come from another galaxy, they’re either using a far more advanced fuel system than what humans are capable of making, or understanding.  Either that, or they have control over mass and matter and are able to manipulate space-time to travel long distances without taking the entire trip, another science lost on human’s knowledge.

TRUCA An Interesting Theory On The U.S. Government's Alien Cover-UpOf course, this is just another theory, but if the U.S. Government did recover a flying saucer back in 1947, took it to a private facility, conducted an autopsy on the being(s) inside the craft as well as examined the craft, it’s possible they decided to keep it “secret” all this time because they physically can’t explain the mechanics of how the craft got to earth, or how it’s powered.  If they were to share “the truth”, people would not only massacre them for the lie, but expect a detailed description of how the craft works, how the distant beings managed to travel here, and why humans have not been able to duplicate the technology to being an multi-planet species, or at least explore our solar system a little more.

It would be an embarrassing day if they were forced to announce it, but after nearly 60 years they couldn’t explain anything regarding its mechanics, origin or fuel system.

Of course, this is just our theory.  What’s your theory?  Do you think we’re “on the money”?  Do you think it’s a simple cover-up to stop mass panic and confusion?  Or do you think the entire Area 51 and Roswell incident has been blown out of proportion and the crash landing was actually a weather balloon?  Let us know in the comments section below!  Subscribe for more!

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