The McPherson’s Tape Alien Abduction Footage Caught On Tape

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THE-MCPHERSON-TAPE The McPherson's Tape Alien Abduction Footage Caught On Tape

The McPherson’s Tape Alien Abduction Footage Caught On Tape

The McPherson’s Tape confused a generation of extra-terrestrial enthusiasts, earned media attention, professional interest, and the validity is still questioned to this day.

aaamaz The McPherson's Tape Alien Abduction Footage Caught On TapeIn 1989, an aspiring film director named Dean Alioto shot his first low budget film named “UFO Abduction”.  The film was inspired by events he read on alien abductions, such as the Whitley Strieber’s Communion: A True Story.  However, on Thanksgiving night in 1997, a very strange video surfaced (which we have embedded below).  The video we’re referring to is “The McPherson’s Tape”, also known as “Alien Abduction: Did It Happen?”, and “Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County”, and follows a teenage boy named Tommy as he films his family’s Thanksgiving dinner.  The video tape was a “straight to TV” video and received mixed reactions, mainly because viewers weren’t sure if they just watched an early found footage movie or a genuine alien abduction.  The video is broken down into scenes, during which there is commentary from movie directors, video analysts, and even the local Sheriff’s office, including the offer who claims to of found the footage in the McPherson’s home.

According to some sources, the video has been proven to be a hoax, yet many people still believe it’s genuine.  It’s likely the footage is not an alien abduction, and nothing but a hoax, but it’s entertaining to watch so you can decide for yourself.

3094376-300x209 The McPherson's Tape Alien Abduction Footage Caught On TapeAs stated, the video was shot during a Thanksgiving dinner when the power goes out.  Tommy, his brother, and his uncle, go to investigate the power box to find it’s been burned by something, possibly lightning.  When a transformer blows down the hill from the family’s isolated farm house they head down the hill to see what’s going on, only to stumble upon a UFO with extra-terrestrials using high-tech lasers to cut open a cow.  When the light from the camera is spotted, the alien beings shot Tommy’s hand with their laser and the events towards an alien abduction unfold.

They run to the house and try everything to escape, but when that fails, they have to defend themselves from inside the house.  Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it sounds when the extra-terrestrials use psychological power to affect the family and force them to unwillingly turn against each other.  Whether you buy into it be a hoax or you want to think it’s the real deal, you’ll probably enjoy watching it.  It’s dark, eerie and has hair-raising resemblance to the blockbuster movie “Signs”, starring Mel Gibson.  It’s not in the same league as Signs, but it’ll probably unsettle you, and give you a similar hair-raising experience.

Anyway, here’s the video if you would like to watch it for yourself.  Let us know what you think of the footage in the comments below…