SpaceX Is Sending People To The Moon NEXT YEAR!

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SPACE-X-MOON-MISSION SpaceX Is Sending People To The Moon NEXT YEAR!

SpaceX Is Sending People To The Moon NEXT YEAR!

45324520 SpaceX Is Sending People To The Moon NEXT YEAR!
Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, announced on Twitter that his rocket company would be making an announcement at 1pm today (2/27/2017). The excitement started after the tweet and a few short hours later, the news broke.

SpaceX is sending two private citizens on a week long trip around the moon next year (2018). This literally came out of nowhere, but it is clearly something Musk and his team have been working on for some time. SpaceX have not yet released the names of the citizens who will be going on the adventure until they have completed their health and fitness tests, but it won’t be long before we know who the next humans to get up close and personal with the moon are.

With this announcement, it makes it even clearer that the space exploration arena really is starting to explode. With multiple privately owned rocket companies like SpaceX and Jeff BezosBlue Origin, Mars doesn’t seem like something outside the realm of possibility. We also don’t expect Elon’s company to be unique in sending people to the moon over the next few years.

4_super_close_up-200x300 SpaceX Is Sending People To The Moon NEXT YEAR!The new president, Donald Trump, has said he wants people on the moon, not just observing it. Maybe this is why Musk wants to work closer with the new president so they can join forces and we can really grow a as people and finally make our mark on other planets.

Landing humans on Mars is going to be a tall order. It’s not just getting there, but the challenges we will face on the way, the effects of space on the human body for extended periods of time, and of course the hostile planet we plan to colonize. There are many problems to solve, but it’s well within our grasp, especially with more attention on the moon and getting rockets and people out further into space.

Are you excited to watch SpaceX send humans on a trip around the moon? Are you eager to explore it for yourself? Well, that might not be too far away. We could see moon tours in the next couple of years once SpaceX has proved it’s an affordable and safe trip. Let us know what you think of this news in the comments below.

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