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Explained / Unexplained Library:

May 2018
The Vanishing Island Of Hy’Brasil

March 2017
Are The Pyramids Directly Linked With An Advanced Civilization And The Speed Of Light?
If You Could Resurrect 5 People, Who Would You Choose? Here’s Ours
The Most Haunted, UFO Hot Spot And Unexplained Forest In The World – Hoia Baciu Forest
The Mystery Behind Antarctica’s Operation Highjump

December 2016
Teleporting Man with Blue Glowing Hands (CAUGHT ON TAPE) The Dark Net

November 2016
Strange Sounds

October 2016
HAARP – Conspiracy Theory
Old Hag Syndrome: Sleep Paralysis

September 2016
The Lost City of Atlantis
The Northern Lights – Auroras
The Overtoun Bridge, Scotland – Dog Suicides
The Voynich Manuscript

August 2016
The Mandela Effect Examples – Visit Our Library

June 2016
The Dancing Plague of 1518

May 2016
Benjamin Kyle – The Unknown Man
Bruce Lee’s Death
Strange But True – The Hit British TV Show From The 90s
The Georgia Guidestones
The Hum (The Taos Hum)
The Lost Dimes of the Denver Mint
The Mystery of Malaysia Airline Flight 970
The Bermuda Triangle