Are The Pyramids Directly Linked With An Advanced Civilization?

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PYRAMIDS-LINKED-WITH-LIGHT-SPEED Are The Pyramids Directly Linked With An Advanced Civilization?

Are The Pyramids Directly Linked With An Advanced Civilization And The Speed Of Light?

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The Great pyramid at Giza has always been the focus of ancient civilizations, connections to extraterrestrial life and even a large subject of the hit TV show, Ancient Aliens. But, is there any truth to the pyramids being more than old stone structures in the Egyptian desert?

Well there are many points that suggest they are connected to an ancient advanced civilization that was wiped out or an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, but we will just focus on two main points that are solid fact.

Orion’s Belt
The pyramids of Giza’s position suggests they were built exactly in line with Orion’s belt. If you’re not open to that theory, consider this; the Great Pyramids of Xi’an in China and the Great Pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico have the exact same alignment with Orion’s belt. See the picture below for illustration. What’s even more strange is that the three different pyramid locations on the globe had no connection with each other at the time of these structures being built, but they were all identically engineered and built to align with Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka, the brightest stars of the Orion constellation that we can easily see when the belt is visible in the night sky.

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Credit: Ancient Explorers

Furthermore, the Pyramid of the Sun, the larger of the three pyramids in Mexico, has a base of 220 meters x 230 meters, while the base of the Great Pyramid at Giza has the same base size of 230 meters. This means the square footage of the two larger pyramids are the same size, despite them being built by completely different civilizations who didn’t have contact with each other.

egypt-cairo-pyramids-of-giza-and-camels-2-300x200 Are The Pyramids Directly Linked With An Advanced Civilization?Coordinates
As many already know, the speed of light is 186,000 miles per seconds, but when you measure the speed of light in meters, it is 299,792,458 meters per second. This just happens to be the exact number for the northern coordinate for the Great Pyramid at Giza (29.9792458 N). This could just be a coincidence and there are a couple of sources that claim to have debunked the coincidence, but most are rather inaccurate. The actual coordinates of the Great Pyramid at Giza are 29.9792° n, 31.1342° e, which shows that the additional “458” was added to make it coincide with the speed of light measured in meters. Adding the 458 makes no difference when adding them to the pyramid’s coordinates so they become redundant when linking the two figures exactly. Still a very interesting discovery by John Charles Webb Jr, though.

Additionally, the speed of light has become less impressive lately. NASA caught x-ray pulses shooting from a black hole that light is not able to escape, proving things can move faster than the speed of light. CERN has also managed to smash particles together faster than the speed of light.

A1bIilvt3L-200x300 Are The Pyramids Directly Linked With An Advanced Civilization?Light speed is still extremely fast, much faster than the most powerful rockets can travel, but it’s not the fastest speed particles can travel. If an advanced civilization was connected to the pyramids, they would be expected to of known about faster than light speed travel. This just means the light speed and pyramid coordinates is a coincidence, but that’s subjective and many may think there is much more to it.

We’re definitely open to all possibilities. The pyramids lining up with Orion’s belt is definitely something we’re not discarding, though.

Finally, we were doing some research on the pyramids in China and searching with Google, and by scanning nearby areas, we discovered a pyramid which has one side completely blurred out. We took the URL and typed it in in case it was an internet issue, but it still appeared blurred out. There may be a very normal reason for this we just don’t know about. That’s all the information we have and maybe someone knows why, if so, let us know below.

Here is the URL to see the pyramid in China that has a blanked out side:’an,+Shaanxi,+China/@34.3403771,108.5616316,358m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x366379e922ac17b9:0x85d466fda794582e!8m2!3d34.341575!4d108.93977

What do you think about the connection between the pyramids and Orion’s belt? What do you think about the pyramids being constructed nearly identically to others around the world without the civilizations being able to communicate with each other? Do you think the pyramid coordinates and the speed of light have any connection or are they just coincidence? Let us know what you think in the comments below.