Bruce Lee’s Death

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BRUCE-LEE-DEATH Bruce Lee's Death

Bruce Lee’s Death

One of the greatest mysteries surrounds one of the greatest men who ever lived.  Bruce Lee was, without question, the greatest martial artist of all time.  He changed culture with his influence and brought the great Chinese martial arts to the western world.  He is considered the godfather of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and is missed by so many who have followed in his footsteps and looked upon his work for inspiration.

DTBLS Bruce Lee's DeathBruce Lee’s death is still unexplained, and will likely stay that way.  He died in 1973.  Being the greatest martial artist of all time, he was obviously in good health and was physically fit beyond imagination.  After a life of hard work and mastering the arts he studied from a child, he finally starred in a movie named “Enter The Dragon“, which brought him international fame, but three weeks before the opening of the movie, he fell into a mysterious coma and died.

At the age of 32, Bruce Lee’s death was not only suspicious, but baffling.  It is said he was experiencing a headache and took a prescription pain killer to relieve the pain.  When he laid down for a nap to allow the pain killer to go to work, he didn’t wake back up.  He fell into a mysterious coma which is still unexplained.  The official cause of his death was listed as brain swelling (cerebral edema) which was caused by a reaction to the muscle relaxant (meprobamate)  in the pain killer but his death is still considered “unexplained”.  The name of the pain killer he took for his headache was reportedly called Equagesic.

ETD Bruce Lee's DeathAt the end of “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story“, his wife’s statement says “Bruce fell into a mysterious coma and died”.  The film was released in the early 1990s, two decades after his death.  After Bruce Lee’s death, many theories arose as to how and why he died.  Theories ranging from the effects of Dim Mak to a family curse.  The latter may have some truth to it as a year after Dragon was released, Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon, mysteriously died.  His cause of death was obvious, but the way it happened was baffling and is still unsolved.  More on Brandon Lee’s death here.

Although Bruce Lee’s death was far too early in his life, he changed culture and martial arts forever.  His legacy will live on and he will influence people’s lives centuries after his death.  More on Bruce Lee here.

“All these years later people still wonder about the way he died, I prefer to remember him the way he lived.” -Linda Lee Cadwell (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story)