The Hum (The Taos Hum)

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THE-HUM The Hum (The Taos Hum)

The Taos Hum – The Mystery Of The Unexplained Hum Reported Around The World

The Taos Hum, which recently became better known as “The Hum”, is a low-frequency humming noise which puzzled the resident of Taos in New Mexico, USA.

Taos_NM_emblem_Picture_1999-300x225 The Hum (The Taos Hum)Some residents and visitors are annoyed and baffled by the sound, and what causes this mysterious phenomena.  Only a small percentage of Taos’ residents report being able to hear the sound.  The hum was then reported in other cities around the United States, as well as reports in the United Kingdom.  The Hum is typically prefixed with the name of a locality where the issue has been particularly publicized; e.g., the “Bristol Hum” or the “Taos Hum”.

Joe Mullins, a professor of engineering at the University of New Mexico, conducted research into the mysterious Taos Hum.  Based on a survey of residents, about 2% of the population were believed to be able to hear the humming sound, these were known as “hearers”.  Sensitive equipment was set up in several of the “hearers” homes to measure sounds and vibrations, but after extensive testing no unusual sounds were detected.

MH_Pueblo_Sunset_D_Luhan_crop793x306_1655923762 The Hum (The Taos Hum)

There have been many theories for the Taos Hum, as well as similar humming sounds from other cities around the world.  Everything from underground extra-terrestrial bases to paranormal phenomena.  What makes the humming / buzzing sound is still a complete mystery.  But despite the answers not becoming any clearer, that doesn’t stop enthusiasts, scientists, and researchers from spending their time and efforts on working out the secret behind the mysterious hum.

Were these cities a killing ground thousands of years ago which are now cursed with the spirits of the slaughtered?  Could there be an underground alien base situated beneath each of these cities?  Could it be a result of strange wind or weather?  Let us know what you think is the cause of the Taos Hum in the comment below.

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