If You Could Resurrect 5 People, Who Would You Choose? Here’s Ours:

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RESURRECTION If You Could Resurrect 5 People, Who Would You Choose? Here's Ours:

If You Could Resurrect 5 People, Who Would You Choose? Here’s Ours:

Imagine having the power of the gods where you could resurrect people from history. Who would you choose and why? We’ve given this a little thought and come up with our top choices of whom we would bring back from the dead to have a conversation with and grant them the ability to continue their work. There are a long list of figures from history, such as Charles Darwin, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Leonardo Da Vinchi, Isaac Newton, and Einstein, just to name a few. However, we’ve picked our top 5 and we’re pretty sure you will have a difference of opinion if you chose, but here they are…

6540161 If You Could Resurrect 5 People, Who Would You Choose? Here's Ours:Plato
There’s much to learn from the great philosopher, but Plato’s writings are the only authentic documents which describe the ancient city of Atlantis. Whether or not it existed is still up for debate, but if it did, Plato would sure know. This may be of little interest to others, but we feel finding out if the lost city of Atlantis existed, and if so, locating it, is sure worth resurrecting Plato for. Basically, the mystery of the lost city of Atlantis drives us up the wall and we want to know!…

Nikola Tesla
Need we say more? A world of free wireless energy, invisibility cloaking and teleportation, the prevention of war, a man who worked 22 hours a day and shaped our world. We would unquestionably choose Nikola Tesla as one to resurrect so we can sponge his mind for information and let him continue his life’s work and progress our existence to greater heights. Plus, he may have had connections with an advanced civilization or a knowledge bank.

o-BRUCE-LEE-facebook-300x237 If You Could Resurrect 5 People, Who Would You Choose? Here's Ours:Bruce Lee Death
In addition to being the greatest martial artists that ever lived (sorry Gracie fans), Bruce Lee completely changed the western understanding of Chinese culture. His life story is incredible, which you can read in books or watch a very accurate telling in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

It is safe to say that Lee revolutionized martial arts through the honest expression of the human body, went from zero to hero, made a string of incredible movies that are still memorable to this day (especially Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris in the Colosseum in Rome [see: The Way of the Dragon] which was undoubtedly the best sequence in a martial arts movie from that time), and reformed the way the western world looks and treats Chinese. He was described by another female martial artist as “Putting balls on Chinese men”. Lee was truly incredible, the godfather of martial arts, and someone who we would resurrect in a heartbeat to continue shaping the world for good and spreading his incredible Jeet Kune Do and other skills throughout cultures and people.

uewb_04_img0239 If You Could Resurrect 5 People, Who Would You Choose? Here's Ours:Walter Disney
Mr. Walter Elias Disney was fired from a newspaper at a young age for “lack of imagination”. We know! But he sure turned that around and we’re pretty confident Disney would be offered his job back now. Walt not only overcame ever obstacle in his life, but he is one of the most creative minds who expertly brought his imagination to life. He created one of the most powerful brands on the face of the planet and the revenue Disney makes is just absurd.

If Walt was still alive today, he would undoubtedly be creating new magic for people all across the world and using his money to better the world. Who knows what Walt’s mind would have come up with, but it’s safe to say the world would be more magical with him around and we would definitely choose him as one to bring back.

Jack the Ripper
At first glance, this may seem like insanity, but hear us out… If Jack the Ripper was resurrected, it would solve the most media rich serial crimes of all time. Further more, it would allow criminologists and law enforcement to understand what motivated him, how his mind worked, and more importantly, how he managed to elude authorities whilst taunting them and seemingly vanishing into thin air, covered in blood, just minutes after butchering his victims. This would give potent insight into the mind of a serial killer who shaped London in Victorian times and inspired more like him, maybe the Zodiac even took inspiration from the ripper and his letters to taunt investigators. Additionally, the research could help prevent future crimes that could affect thousands of people, families and friends.

Who would you choose to resurrect, and why? Let us know your choices in the comments below.

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Jack-The-Ripper-6 If You Could Resurrect 5 People, Who Would You Choose? Here's Ours: