Lost Dimes Of The Denver Mint

LOST-DIMES Lost Dimes Of The Denver Mint

The lost dimes of the Denver mint.

1907-barber-dime-300x150 Lost Dimes Of The Denver MintThe story of the lost dimes started in 1907, when a wagon train, carrying six barrels of dimes, left the Denver mint in Denver Colorado and headed for Phoenix, AZ.  Unfortunately, the wagons never made it to their destination.

The wagons were carrying six barrels, which contained a total of 5,000 coins.  They were known as the “Barber dimes”, after their designer Charles Barber.  The wagons, drivers and everyone else disappeared somewhere between Denver, CO and Montrose, CO.  Over a century later, and the coins have still not be found.  There are two credible theories as to what happened to the lost dimes, but neither have been proven, and after 100 years of the unexplained story, there’s little hope the truth will be found, unless of course someone was to make a discovery.

The first theory on what happened to the lost dimes is that the wagon carrying said coins was attacked by bandits.  The wagon’s route from the Denver mint to Phoenix, AZ included many dirt tracks, mountain roads, and uninhabited areas in which the bandits would have been able to relive the Denver mint employees of their delivery.  If this theory was true, it’s possible the case of the lost dimes will never be solved.

214971 Lost Dimes Of The Denver MintThe second theory was that the wagon plummeted off a mountain road in Colorado, the north rim of Black Canyon to be precise.  The north rim is accessible by gravel roads from Crawford State Park.  The North Rim Road provides access to six overlooks in total.  The North Rim’s canyon walls are almost vertical and offer some of the most impressive views found in the national park.

Over the years, investigations have been conducted, but they just lead to more questions.

Treasure hunters and enthusiasts took to the trails, one managed to locate remains of four wagons used to transport the dimes, which was at the base of a canyon.  This gives the second theory on the lost dimes far more likeliness of being true.  Whats more, the treasure seekers found  several gallons of dimes along the Gunnison River, which is close to the north rim of Black Canyon.  However, the “find” was only a tiny portion of what was lost all those years ago.  It is said that a single one of the lost dimes in excellent condition is worth in excess of $600.  Multiply that by 5,000, and you have a pretty good pay day.  There are potentially millions of dollars of lost coins scattered somewhere around the Black Canyon area.  The lost dimes are still out there for anyone daring enough to hit the trails and search for them.

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