Mandela Effect Examples 16-20 Alternate Memories

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THE-MANDELA-EFFECT-16-20 Mandela Effect Examples 16-20 Alternate Memories

ALTERNATE-BUTTON Mandela Effect Examples 16-20 Alternate MemoriesMandela Effect Examples 16-20 – Alternate Memories (Interview with the Vampire)

The Mandela Effect is an unexplained phenomenon that is taking the world by storm and the alternate memories affect nearly everyone. For some, it’s a simple case of “our memory isn’t as good as we thought”, but for others, it’s solid proof we are experiencing a parallel universe’s timeline cross into our reality and it is disrupting our history. If you’re only just hearing of the Mandela effect, we would suggest reading our Mandela Effect Overview and Theories before diving into the list of Mandela Effect examples.

Henry VIII
Many people, including experts historians, seem to distinctively remember Henry VIII holding a turkey leg in one of his famous portraits, we remember said portrait in school, as well as being depicted in books. Unfortunately this is not correct, no matter where you look, no matter how far you dig back into history, there has never been a portrait of Henry VIII holding a turkey leg. Apparently.

51IbPBp6HoL._SX323_BO1204203200_ Mandela Effect Examples 16-20 Alternate MemoriesAmerican States
How many states does America have? As a child, I remember being taught that there were 52 states that made up the USA. Many other people — most originating from somewhere outside the US — remember having been taught that there are 51 or 52 states. However, the United States consists of just 50 states. This could stem from confusion of Puerto Rico and Washington DC being considered as US States.

South America
Did you ever look closely at a map of the world or a globe? Then surely you would have studied a world map in Geography class in school. How do you recall the position of South America on that map? If you look at any world map or globe now, it shows South America as being set far to the east, much closer to Africa than what many recall. Most of us remember South America as being situated directly below North America, almost lining up with the west coast, but now it’s thousands of miles east, possibly due to the Mandela Effect.

Interview-with-the-vampire-blu-ray-compressor-300x300 Mandela Effect Examples 16-20 Alternate MemoriesInterview With The Vampire
Most people when asked what the title of this movie – adapted from Anne Rice’s novel – is called, will tend to reply, “Interview With A Vampire“, but this would be another alternate memory because the title has always been, “Interview With The Vampire“. There is a foreign translation which does translate to ”Interview with a Vampire”, but if you’re basing your alternate memory on the American or British title, then this is a perfect example of the Mandela Effect, and one of the most talked about.

Will Smith
Some people remember Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith as having divorced over 10 years ago, however, reports today say that they are still a happily married couple. Do you remember any media or newspaper covering their divorce? Let us know in the comments below.

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