Mandela Effect Examples 31-35 Alternate Memories

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MANDELA-EFFECT-EXAMPLES-31-35 Mandela Effect Examples 31-35 Alternate Memories

ALTERNATE-BUTTON Mandela Effect Examples 31-35 Alternate MemoriesThe Mandela Effect Examples – 31-35 – Alternate Memories (Forrest Gump: Like WAS like a box of chocolates)

The Mandela Effect is an unexplained phenomenon that is taking the world by storm and the alternate memories affect nearly everyone. For some, it’s a simple case of “our memory isn’t as good as we thought”, but for others, it’s solid proof we are experiencing a parallel universe’s timeline cross into our reality and it is disrupting our history. If you’re only just hearing of the Mandela effect, we would suggest reading our Mandela Effect Overview and Theories before diving into the list of Mandela Effect examples.

In the movie Jaws, almost every remembers the famous line, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat“, which is said by Brody (Roy Scheider) when they first see the shark. However, if you go and watch the movie now, the line is, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat“. Which one sounds right to you? We remember him saying the first line because he was involved in the capture of the shark, but the new line suggests he is telling them THEY will need a bigger boat as they are the ones who will be catching Jaws.

Forrest Gump
Another famous movie line with just a slight, yet noticeable, change is the one from Forrest Gump where he’s sitting at the bus stop telling his life story. The line Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) says has always been quoted as, “Life is like a box of chocolates“, but the line in the movie is actually, “Life WAS like a box of chocolates“. Many people have been baffled by this example of the Mandela Effect. All the memes seem to have changed despite no one agreeing with the current line in the movie.

There seem to be a lot of people who remember the JCPenney having been spelled without the second ‘e’, JCPenny. Some even remember it as “J.C. Penny”. What does your memory tell you about this Mandela Effect example?

unnamed-300x163 Mandela Effect Examples 31-35 Alternate MemoriesLand Mass Next to Australia
Many people recall there having been a large land mass to the west of Australia that can no longer be found on any world map, however, there is a clip from the 1993 movie Dazed and Confused that shows the land mass on a globe that some of the characters are looking at. There is also an episode of ‘The Simpsons‘ where Bart and Lisa are looking at a globe which shows a large land feature to the west of Australia.

Deck the Halls
Apparently we’ve been singing the song wrong all this time. If you look at a sheet of music for the song, it actually reads, “Deck the hall” with no ‘s’ at the end. Interesting, considering there was even a movie made called Deck the Halls and we all sing it with the ‘s’.

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