The Mandela Effect Examples 51-55

The Mandela Effect Examples 51-55

THE-MANDELA-EFFECT-51-55 The Mandela Effect Examples 51-55

ALTERNATE The Mandela Effect Examples 51-55The Mandela Effect Examples 51-55 (First Alternate Memories of 2017)

The Mandela Effect is an unexplained phenomenon that is taking the world by storm and the Mandela Effect examples affect everyone in some way or another.  For some, it’s a simple case of “our memory isn’t as good as we thought”, but for others, it’s solid proof we are experiencing a parallel universe’s timeline cross into our reality and it is disrupting our history.  If you’re only just hearing of the Mandela Effect, we would suggest reading our Mandela Effect Overview before diving into the list of Mandela Effect examples.  Here is the list of Mandela Effect examples that will literally blow your mind…

Next time you visit a grocery store, check out the Ziplock bags in the kitchen aisle. Although many of us probably didn’t pay too much attention to how the product was spelled, there are some that did. Many have submitted an alternate memory of Ziplock bags being spelt with a ‘k’ in the name, but now it is spelled ”Ziploc” without the ‘k’. This isn’t as mind blowing as the Chic-Fil-a name now being spelled “Chick-Fil-A”, but it another great example of something strange happening in our reality.

Silence-of-the-Lambs-Blu-ray-compressor-150x150 The Mandela Effect Examples 51-55The Silence of the Lambs
When Clarice and Hannibal Lecter first meet in The Silence of the Lambs, doesn’t the camera pan round to his cell where he is stood terrifyingly still, expecting a visitor, and then says: “Hello, Clarice”? This is a movie we have watched many many times. That was always the line in the movie, but now the line is “Good morning”. We thought we may be thinking of the second meeting in the movie where Hannibal says “Hello, Clarice”, but he doesn’t.

The line from the first meeting has changed and there is no trace of “Hello, Clarice” ever being the line Hannibal delivers in the first or second meeting. #MindBlown

sub-buzz-30289-1476218432-3-300x150 The Mandela Effect Examples 51-55Pikachu’s Tail
Many of us know the famous Pokemon character, Pikachu. Whether we’re super-fans of the characters or we just seeing them in ”passing”, we all have a very good idea of the character’s appearance. Many people remember Pikachu having a black tipped tail, which matched the black tips on his ears. If you look at any picture of Pikachu now, like the on on the side, he has a solid yellow tail without a black tip. This has really got inside the minds of Pokemon super-fans and introduced them to the Mandela Effect.

Curious George
Didn’t Curious George used to have a tail like every other monkey? Not anymore. This alternate memory / Mandela Effect example was submitted to us by a viewer and after scouring online for information, other people are having the same memory. For some reason, his tail has gone and there is not even any trace of his ever having it!

star-wars-c3po-mandela-effect-img_8-300x200 The Mandela Effect Examples 51-55C-3PO
We all know who C-3PO is from the epic Star Wars series, but why has the droid now have a silver leg? We, and many other, distinctively remembering 3PO being solid gold on both legs, but that’s not the case anymore. Go back and watch the first Star Wars movie and decide for yourself if something has changed.

If you’re looking for the biggest debate in the world of Mandela Effect examples, Empire Strikes Back is where the heat is. You can see more here.

What do you think about the examples shared about? Have you had some of these alternate memories? Let us know in the comments below.

If you would like to submit your own alternate memory or Mandela Effect examples, please use our submission form and we may include your example in our next library article.

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