Mandela Effect Examples 6-10 Alternate Memories

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THE-MANDELA-EFFECT-6-10 Mandela Effect Examples 6-10 Alternate Memories

ALTERNATE-BUTTON Mandela Effect Examples 6-10 Alternate MemoriesMandela Effect Examples 6-10 – Alternate Memories (Looney Toons & Ellis Island Bridge)

The Mandela Effect is an unexplained phenomenon that is taking the world by storm and the alternate memories affect nearly everyone. For some, it’s a simple case of “our memory isn’t as good as we thought”, but for others, it’s solid proof we are experiencing a parallel universe’s timeline cross into our reality and it is disrupting our history. If you’re only just hearing of the Mandela effect, we would suggest reading our Mandela Effect Overview and Theories before diving into the list of Mandela Effect examples.

The Volvo Logo
People all over the internet claim that the Volvo logo (which is now the sign for “male”) did not previously have an arrow at the top. However, if you go back through history, you will not find a picture or Volvo automobile without the arrow.

We all know this adult diaper brand as it has served as material for various jokes. What’s changed about it is just one letter, as with many of the Mandela Effect examples, but it’s enough to make us realize something isn’t right. The next time you are in the store (or you can Google it), take a look and you will notice that there is no longer a “S” at the end of the brand name as most of us know it, now it is just “Depend”.

cadbury-change-size-recipe.0.0-300x169 Mandela Effect Examples 6-10 Alternate MemoriesCadbury Creme Egg
What’s written on the foil wrapper of Cadbury Creme Eggs?

Many people have voiced their opinion of it being “Cadbury’s Cream Egg” instead of “Cadbury Creme Egg”, but despite what your memory tells you, there has never been an “s” on the end of “Cadbury” and cream has always been spelt “Creme”.

Looney Tunes
Many people assert that “Looney Tunes” was spelled “Looney Toons” in our former timeline.

The latter spelling would technically make more sense as they are indeed carTOONS, however, you won’t find this spelling anywhere in history other than the occasional picture online that has been photoshopped by someone who remembers the way it is meant to be spelled.

Ellis Island Bridge
Have you ever been to Ellis Island? How did you get to it? Some say this is physical evidence of the Mandela Effect, because they recall that the only way of getting onto Ellis Island was via ferry. Now there is a bridge and they have no clue how or when it got there.

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