The Mandela Effect Theories

The Mandela Effect Theories

MANDELA-EFFECT-THEORIES-1 The Mandela Effect Theories

ALTERNATE The Mandela Effect TheoriesThe Mandela Effect Theories

There are three main Mandela Effect theories / reactions which seem to be most common among people baffled by the mystery.  Although there is no concrete explanation, there are a couple of viable possibilities of what could be causing this worldwide phenomena

One of the first Mandela Effect theories is that we are crossing timelines with a parallel universe.  The second is our brains, more specifically our memories.  The third is reaction is people so blown away they don’t even know what to think and become obsessed with the Mandela Effect examples.  This is truly one of the most mind-blowing mysteries of our time, maybe even ever.  We also have a theory, which maybe others have also thought of.

Parallel Universes
Many people are 100% certain they know some of the examples of the Mandela Effect to not of been that way previously, they are adamant things have changed and it is not down to their memory, as do we for some of them.  People believe were are crossing timelines with a parallel universe, in which there is another universe similar to ours and at points the timelines cross and affect things in our reality.

parallel-universes-300x169 The Mandela Effect TheoriesThis may sound a little far-fetched, but some of the brightest minds in science and physics say it is completely plausible.  As technology develops and we start to learn more about our universe, we may unfold some evidence on this theory.

Another of the Mandela Effect theories is a simple case of our memories not being as precise as we think.  Some people, both enthusiasts and experts, put the Mandela Effect down to our brains remembering things differently because our mind processes information in the easiest way for us to interpret.  We think there is something far more advanced behind the Mandela Effect because of the sheer volume of examples and people worldwide who have stories supporting their previous memories of what used to be.  We don’t think it is down to distorted memory, although we could be wrong.

Mind Blown
Some don’t even get to the point of Mandela Effect theories.  They are either so mind-blown they can’t process the acceptance of themselves being wrong or they simply discard the Mandela Effect and its theories because they may not want to open a can of worms and look into it anymore…  Something we can understand having spent much time and a lot of energy researching the phenomena.

matrix-300x203 The Mandela Effect TheoriesOur Theory
We think there is some substance to the fact we are not base reality and we are living in a simulation.  Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, one of the brightest minds and greatest innovators on our planet, says he thinks the chances we are base reality are pretty slim, and we should hope we are not.  Based on this theory, we think it is totally plausible we are living in a simulation and a higher force are able to change things in our reality, just like the Matrix.

It’s a difficult concept to process, but the fact it is may be true.  Technology and graphics are becoming so advanced, we’re controlling video game characters in virtual reality which are close to being indistinguishable from our own reality.  We’re very close to creating actual artificial intelligence and the first conscious robots are already here.  Imagine an AI robot we control in virtual reality or even in our reality.  They have a brain, thoughts, emotion, organs, etc, just like us.  Is it really that difficult to believe a civilization 10,000 years ahead of ours could be controlling us?  Maybe when you next go to the store you’ve actually been programmed to go there by a higher power and you believe you have made that conscious decision.  Read full article on us living in a simulation.

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