Missing Malaysian Plane Flight 370

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FLIGHT-730-1 Missing Malaysian Plane Flight 370

Missing Malaysian Plane Flight 370

In this day and age, with technology so advanced, it’s impossible for a plane to just disappear without a trace.  Well, this missing Malaysian plane achieved the impossible.  On March 8th, 2014, Mayalsia Airlines Flight 370 set off from Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia, bound for Beijing, China with 12 crew members and 227 passengers.  The last voice contact from the plane at 01:19 MYT (Malaysian time), just one hour after take off, while it was over the south China sea.  Just 3 minutes later, at 01:22 MYT, the plane disappeared from the Air Traffic Controllers’ radar screens.  Shortly after, the Malaysian military radars were able to track the plane as it deviated from its planned flight path toward Beijing.

The aircraft flew370 Missing Malaysian Plane Flight 370 west, instead of its northern route, zigzagged towards the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.  It was detected at 01:52 am while it was passing just south of Penang Island.  From there, Flight 370 flew across the Strait of Malacca passing close to the waypoint VAMPI, and Pulau Perak at 02:03.  After which it flew along air route N571 to waypoints MEKAR, NILAM.  The last known location which was shown at the limits of Malaysian military radar was at 02:22am, after passing waypoint MEKAR, northwest of Penang.  When it reached this point, it was at military radar limits when it vanished into the night.

The missing Malaysian plane was never seen again after that morning.  There was no contact from anyone on the plane after 01:19am and no explanation why the plane deviated from its route, or how.  There was no emergency contact regarding weather, no reports from the pilots regarding any power issues, so what could have caused the plane to go off-course and disappear?  There have been many theories on what happened to the missing Malaysian plane, but there is no sufficient evidence to support them.  An extensive search was conducted in the southern Indian ocean, there was nowhere for it to land so authorities assumed it had crashed into the sea.  All 239 people on board were presumed dead.

370-MAP Missing Malaysian Plane Flight 370
370a Missing Malaysian Plane Flight 370The most recent discovery on the missing Malaysian plane claims debris was found closer to South Africa than Malaysia.  There have been multiple reports and discoveries, one was covered by BBC News which explained how one of the craft’s flaperons were found on Reunion Island, more from the BBC News article here.  More debris discoveries from Wiki.

Whether or not the missing Malaysian plane is found, the truth to why the craft went off course and lost all contact with the authorities may remain a mystery forever.  The craft has been missing for over two years, and if the stories of the debris found area the Madagascar area are true, the plane must have drifted thousands of miles.  For more information on Malaysia Airline Flight 370 see Wiki.  Read “The Plane That Wasn’t There” for free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

What are you theories on the missing Malaysian plane?  Do you think it was due to power interruptions with equipment, weather, passenger involvement, or something else?  Let us know in the comments below.

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