Strange But True

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Strange But True – The hit British TV show hosted by Michael Aspel

If you live in America, or anywhere else outside of the United Kingdom, you may not have heard of the British TV show, “Strange But True”.  In the mid 1990’s the show ran for several years and completed four season.  Although it has somewhat been forgotten now, that doesn’t mean the mysteries have been explained, or the show’s content has been invaluable.

SBT Strange But TrueStrange But True was a show which explored everything from UFO sightings, crimes, paranormal encounters to unexplained mysteries.  The show was popular during its broadcast on ITV and was hosted by Michael Aspel.  Each season had 10 full episodes, excluding season one which had 8 episodes.  There’s not much additional information about the show on IMDB but what they do have can be seen here.  Although Strange But True is very old it’s still available on DVD.  It’s not the easiest title to find because of its scarce distribution but you can find it on from private sellers.  The DVD release does only contain 13 episodes and is spread over 2 discs.

Strange But True was one of the best unexplained mystery shows in the 90’s and it’s a show we think everyone should know about.  From video re-constructions of police officers seeing huge flying saucers on country roads to people seeing figures that disappear right before their eyes, this is a show that will convince you beyond any reasonable doubt that not everything can be given an explanation.  It comes highly recommended by us.

If you’d like to see what the fuss is all about, you can view certain episodes on Youtube by searching Strange But True Season 1, and although the video quality isn’t going to be that of the DVD from Amazon, you’ll still get a feel for the show.  Let us know in the comments below if you’ve seen the show, if you like it, or if you’ve only just found out about it and are going to pick it up!