Teleporting Man (Blue Glowing Hands) CAUGHT ON TAPE

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teleporting-man Teleporting Man (Blue Glowing Hands) CAUGHT ON TAPE

Teleporting Man (Blue Glowing Hands) CAUGHT ON TAPE – Re-discovered from The Dark Net

4784874576i Teleporting Man (Blue Glowing Hands) CAUGHT ON TAPE
The teleporting man was a wide discussion for many years until the footage was deleted, apparently by government agencies, and the footage was not to be seen again for many years.  Since the Dark Net has become more accessible, certain files and videos have started to make their way back into circulation and the teleporting man is one of the most baffling (if it’s true).

One evening in Hong Kong, a news reporter was conducting a speech when her camera man spotted a bright blue light in the corner of the shot.  Upon aiming the camera at the light, it showed a hooded man as he looked down at his hands which has a blue glow like something out of Dragon Ball Z.

tor Teleporting Man (Blue Glowing Hands) CAUGHT ON TAPEThe hooded man, or the teleporting man as he has become known, noticed the camera man and started to run.  In hot pursuit, the camera man followed the suspicious character up the street, and if the blue glowing hands were not strange enough, this is where things really got interesting.  When the unknown hooded man ran into the road, the camera man stopped as he sensed danger with the high speed traffic so he broke off pursuit and continued filming.  The mysterious character was filmed running into the road, in front of an oncoming bus, then completely vanishing.  In the video you can hear people gasping at what they just witnessed.

The camera man scanned the area and moments later saw the hooded man on some nearby steps looking at his glowing hands as if he was unable to control the bright blue glow that got him all the attention.

As we said above, this video was taken out of circulation and only resurfaced on the internet quite recently, although the video is years old.  Here is the video so you can see for yourself…

Authentic or a hoax?  Is this a real life teleporting man or just some convincing special effects?  Could we have super-humans among us or did a team of people manage to create a video in one of the biggest cities in the world and get everyone in on it?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.