The Unknown Man – Benjaman Kyle

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THE-UNKNOWN-MAN The Unknown Man - Benjaman Kyle

The Unknown Man, Benjaman Kyle

In 2004, a man, only known as Benjaman Kyle, was discovered in Richmond HillGeorgia after he had been beaten up.  He suffered total amnesia.

In the early hours of August 31st, 2004, employees at a Burger King franchise were preparing for the day ahead.  A young female took a bag of trash outside to throw it away, at which times she discovered a man whom had been badly beaten, and she let out a deafening scream.  The man was unconscious, laying by the trash cans.  He had been stripped down to his underwear and his body had been attacked by red ants.  The man was later to hospital for medical treatment.  They found three depressions in his skull which appeared to be caused by blunt force trauma.

Burger_King_Logo.svg_-150x150 The Unknown Man - Benjaman KyleHe woke up a couple of weeks later after being treated for his injuries.  There was just one thing missing though…  His memory.

If you’ve seen the movie Hancock, you’ll remember he got his name because he lost his memory and when the nurse asked for his “John Hancock”, he thought she was addressing him because that was his name.  Well, a similar story occurred in September 2014.  When the unknown man discovered his memory was lost, he gave himself the name Benjaman Kyle, which are the same initials, “BK”, of “Burger King”, where he was found.  He thought his name was Benjaman, but after suffering almost total amnesia, this may have been erroneous.  While he was in hospital, he was treated for cataracts in both eyes which almost left him blind.

6-benjaman-kyle-300x203 The Unknown Man - Benjaman KyleBenjaman Kyle was added to the FBI’s missing persons list.  He was the only person in American history to be added to the FBI missing persons list with his whereabouts known.  That wasn’t the end of his trauma though.

The problem is, without a social security number, you’re not able to get apply to work in the United States, and without knowing his true identity, it would be very difficult to live a normal life.  He spent several years between the Grace House men’s shelter and hospitals.  He also lived with friends he met in hospital for a short time, and it was reported that he lived in the woods for some time, until he got a cash-in-hand job fora  local restaurant where he currently resides.  He moved into an air conditioned shack which was provided by a good Samaritan.

benjaman-kylejpg.jpg.size_.xxlarge.letterbox-300x201 The Unknown Man - Benjaman KyleAfter 11 years of being lost in amnesia, struggling to make ends meet, and wondering who he was and why no one had come forward to claim they knew him, Benjaman Kyle, the unknown man, finally caught a break.

The FBI did extensive research into DNA tests, facial recognition, and many other forms of identifying a person, to which there was no avail.  Luckily, in 2015, a DNA test contained the answer he had been searching for all this time.  In February 2015, a forensic genealogist, Colleen Fitzpatrick reported that Benjaman Kyle, who had become known as “BK”, had cut off all contact with her when she reported that she was coming close to finding a DNA match.  On September 16, 2015 Benjaman Kyle took to Facebook and announced that his real identity had been found, including his name and family members.  Shortly after his Facebook post, media channels took to the story as well, sharing the great news about him finally knowing who he was after the truth had eluded him for over a decade.  He said that he wouldn’t be announcing his name yet for his family’s privacy.

The reason he was injured, where his clothing went, why his was dumped at the back of a Burger King establishment, and the motives behind it are still unknown.

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